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Christmas Curated Gifting: Buy Gift Boxes Online For Loved Ones

Shop the quirky and creative Christmas range for your loved ones. Christmas is the best time to gift your loved ones while expressing your emotions and love. A curated box of creative items is always fun to gift. This Christmas gift vintage collection will create an everlasting impression. Little things make a lot of difference when you are thinking while shopping for the best home décor accessories. Add color to your home décor in an affordable manner by shopping home décor collection from INTIKI. Make this Christmas special with INTIKI. Buy gift boxes online from the below collection of home decor products online.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are gifts of light and love. It is all about bright lighting and glows everywhere. There are unlimited home decor gift online options to completely spoil you this Christmas 2021. Add a new dimension to home décor with the perfect range of fragranced candles and lamps. Christmas is all about decorating windows and bedrooms. There are lamps, candles, and LED string lights that are amazing to decorate your home as well as gift your loved ones. Whether you are looking for a family gathering or an intimate candlelight dinner date, aromatic candles are ideal. With the amazing string of lights, you can decorate an entire space. Highlight some of the corners of your home to get an everlasting glow. Decorate the Christmas tree with some amazing lights. The latest Christmas version includes star-shaped lights and a reindeer lighting range. 

Christmas Tree

Nothing beats a Christmas tree at this time of year. Premium Christmas trees are amazing for home décor and gifting. Get some amazing Christmas trees with lushness and amazing décor. Premium and classy Christmas trees are perfect for decorating your home. Enjoy the natural charm of the Christmas trees. A Christmas tree is an excellent home décor item that you can both give to loved ones and use to decorate your home. Do you know the best part? You can buy your Christmas trees online now! Popular home decor gift website like INTIKI has an amazing range of Christmas trees.

Customized Gift Boxes

Make your own Christmas box for your loved ones! Check every single counter piece and create your gift box. Buy gift boxes online to get huge discounts and various ranges of home décor collections. The new Christmas boxes are designed intricately to bring smiles to faces. The Jingle Tree Box is a popular gifting option this Christmas 2021. These gift boxes include ideal ornaments and various decorative things for the living room. This gift box is an ideal option to add various home décor collections to family and friends.

Check out the latest gift box collection. It is curated with joy and delight. These gift boxes can be customized with cookies, teacups, home décor items, and Christmas tree ornaments. For Indians, nothing is sweeter than desserts and sweets. Therefore, INTIKI is celebrating a sweet Christmas with a premium product, “Gulfam Flavour Gift Box”. This gift box is a perfect gift this Christmas for a memorable Christmas. It contains two silver bowls, jaggery, Gulfam bowls, spices, and desserts. A perfect one for families with an Indian touch.


Dinnerware is a thoughtful Christmas 2021 gifting option. The Amar Tapas Forks is one of the most unusual dinnerware options to choose from. The gift set comes as a set of four forks made of brass. The serveware dishes are perfect for fruits and appetizers. The Tulip spoons are a beautiful and intricate dinnerware gifting collection that you would love to gift and have for yourself. There are various places to buy dinnerware online. It offers you a curated collection of dinnerware options. The Padma cake stand, Mogra bowl set, Amar Tapas Plates, Magnolia cake stand, and Padma Tongs are some of the intricate and beautiful home décor gifts online for your loved ones. INTIKI is no doubt the best place to buy dinnerware online.

Aromatic Candles

Candles are beautiful. Aromatic candles are the best home decor gifts online for perfect occasions. Beautiful candles add a touch of glow and make the room look good. Be creative with amazing candles placed in various corners of your home. It is special to gift candles with an amazing aroma. These candles spark the ambiance of calmness and love. Add some to your home decor today!

Wood Coasters

Wood coasters are unique and chic gifting ranges. Real wood coasters are sophisticated. These are the best decorative things for living room. Add some for your home, and gift your loved ones some coasters made from natural tree wood. Add some ethnic style to your modern homes with wooden coasters.

Cushion Covers

This Christmas, bring the finest to your home. Cushion covers Get an amazing range of exclusive cushion covers inspired by Indian taste and preference. Have you looked into buying cushion covers online? These are some of the most popular gifting collections and ranges of products that add a vibrant touch and a splurge of color to home décor. The Palladio Cushion Covers are the most popular range of cushion covers from Jaipur. These are handmade Rajasthani pieces available in vibrant colors.

Each of the cushion covers celebrates Pantone shades of 2020. Bandhani cushion covers from the Bandhani collection of Rajasthan are customized for amazing home décor. Cushion covers enlighten your home décor. The Mahal cushion covers are beautiful and embroidered. It is available in various colors and patterns. Get a royal touch with products like the Jaal cushion, the Tara cushion, and the Johri collection from the best décor gifts online.


Get some amazing planters for home decor gifts online. Beautiful planters are an ideal option for the perfect home décor. Celebrate Christmas by gifting your loved ones an amazing range of planters. The pink and white Terrazzo planters and Compacta plants add a touch of lush greenery to your home space. The planters are amazing for indoor spaces. This is an ideal range of gifts for bedrooms, living spaces, and terraces. The Guldasta planter sets are a perfect range of gifts for Christmas and various occasions. The brass planters, money plants, and terrazzo planters are amazing and beautiful.


Acing your table settings game is about identifying Serveware dishes and adding table décor elements to lift the visual setting. Serveware dishes are now available in so many different materials and shapes – from ceramics to handmade pottery, marble for the experimental, metal for the traditional, and wooden for the minimalist. Do you want your serveware to be for daily use or when entertaining at home? Once you decide this it helps you eliminate certain pieces based on their utility factor. For example, if you’re looking to buy a platter online or buy trays online for when you have guests over – you might look for something which is more luxurious looking, even if it requires it to be handled with more care as the usage would be limited.


Hurry! A limited and exclusive range of home décor collections is available at INTIKI this Christmas 2021. Add a splash of color and a new dimension in lighting with a perfect home décor collection. Get your hands on the best décor gifts online to have a memorable Christmas in 2021. Buy gift boxes online before they run out of stock!

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