Plantscapes USA Is Your Philadelphia Office Plant Service

Plantscapes USA Is Your Philadelphia Office Plant Service

When it comes to maintaining a productive office space, adding a splash of life with office plants can help both your aesthetics and your bottom line. Many businesses don’t know about the countless benefits a planted space offers. If you want to experience these benefits for yourself, using an indoor plant service will ensure that your plants stay happy and healthy. If you want to hire an Office Plant Service In Philadelphia, Plantscapes USA is the perfect option.

Plantscapes USA is a Philadelphia based plant management service specializing in design, installation, and maintenance of planted offices and homes. Not only will the team at Plantscapes help create a gorgeous layout for your new office plants, but their maintenance team can pay your office weekly or biweekly visits to ensure plant health and cleanliness. If you want to hire an office plant service in Philadelphia, contact Plantscapes USA for a free design consultation. As long as Plantscapes is your office plant service, all of your plants will be covered in the event that any of them die or fall ill. This will ensure that your office looks gorgeous year-round.

The appearance of your office space is the first and most obvious benefit of adding interior landscaping. The appearance of plants in an office space will instantly make your space feel more comfortable. Creating this kind of comfortable atmosphere is crucial for businesses that have to deal with regular client visits or conduct interviews onsite. Having a comfortable planted space will also make your employees happier to come to work.

An average office space tends to be boring. This stems from a belief that a workspace without distractions will increase productivity, but this is an outdated mode of thinking. Now distractions follow us everywhere we go and creating a stimulating space is the best way to make employees feel engaged with their work. Plants not only create a stimulating environment, but they also can block lines of sight and absorb sound, helping to create comfortable engaging spaces where employees can focus on work.

If you are worried about how a plant service will affect your bottom line, there are plenty of unseen benefits surrounding indoor plants. Plants respirate just like we do, but they also help to clean and regulate the air when they breathe. Your plants will absorb airborne contaminants, which will keep the air cleaner for your employees. This includes the airborne chemicals off-gassed from the manmade materials in your office.

Plants also help regulate the humidity in your office. When it is too dry, plants will naturally lose some of their moisture when they breathe and increase the humidity of the room. If the air becomes too humid, plants will absorb some of that airborne water. While this might sounds remarkable, it should be noted that dry office air can make it much easier for employees to become ill. Just by breathing, your office plants can help fight off sick building syndrome and help lower the number of sick days your employees take.

With all of these benefits, you may be wondering why you have not already invested in an indoor plant service for your business. If you are in the area and looking for an office plant service in Philadelphia, Plantscapes USA is the perfect choice for your business. Their team will help you find the ideal plants, planters, and layout to make your space feel bright and comfortable. If you have any questions about their services, feel free to reach out to the Plantscapes USA team at 610-329-3935.

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