Perks of Having An Older Siblings

Siblings are one of the greatest joys of our lives. Whether it is fighting with them over a piece of cake or saving them from a knack, the khatti-meethi nok jhok between siblings can go on forever and ever, and it is equal fun all the time. However, if you are a younger sibling in  your family, the person that you adore more than anyone else is your older sibling who not only supports you throughout, but also saves you from your parents, gives you that extra pocket money and keeps all your secrets. The first born or an older sibling acts no less than our parents but eventually end up becoming our best friends and our support system in the family. Having an older sibling is no less than a blessing and while  you may agree or not, there are also a lot of perks of having an older sibling. Since Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, let’s count on all those perks together and shout out to all the older siblings.

School Projects:

Who hasn’t taken a helping hand of your older siblings in completing your school project. With their experience it is always easy for the younger siblings to get through all the school projects easily and in no time. Well, many of us even end up letting them make our whole project, from the decorations to all the writing, they do everything for us and we just enjoy it. 

Clothes Galore:

Whether you have an elder brother or an elder sister, a younger sibling would always have their eye on the clothes that they have in their wardrobe and look for opportunities to wear them. There wouldn’t be a sibling on this earth who has not stolen their elder brother’s or sister’s clothing and worn them. Well, there also wouldn’t be a single sibling on this earth who wouldn’t have worn their elder brother’s or sister’s clothes when they grew older, because that is what every Indian parent does. 

Unpaid Bodyguards:

School was always a safe premise since our older siblings always had our back and when everybody in school already knew that we had an elder brother or sister, they would dare not to come close or harm us in any way. Whether it was about getting summoned by the teacher for doing some mischief in class or getting involved in a fight with your fellow mates, our older siblings always had our back. 

Pampering At Its Best:

Well, when you have an older sibling at home, you get all the care and concern from not only your parents but also your brothers and sisters. Infact, they sometimes care for use even more than our  parents, understand us and fulfill our requirements without even letting mom and dad know about it and that is why they are special. We may not be as comfortable around our parents as we are with them and that is a fact.

Extra Pocket Money:

More than our parents, our siblings understand that the more money you have, the less you feel it is and therefore they are also the ones who spoil us by giving some extra pocket money at the end of every month just a gesture out of pure love. Whether it is about throwing a grand birthday party at school or about buying new shoes, our older siblings would hardly say no to anything that we want. 

Our Saviours:

One of the best roles of older siblings is saving us from the knack and scolding of our  parents and saving us every time. Whether it is about getting unacceptable marks in exams or about lying, our older siblings would always find a way to protect us no matter what. 

So, if you have an older brother or sister, order rakhi online and send them your best, and thank them for always being there and protecting you.

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