Payment & return filing: Provincial revenue authorities urged to grant extension in line with FBR

Provincial finance officials must also provide payment and refund additional filing fees
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Asif Kasbati, a senior accountant from Karachi, told Buster Recorder
Fed sales extension / tax filing FBR granted in January 2020 until April
12, 2020.

This is to facilitate subscriber loss because there is no cash flow,
Withholding is in the form of fixed costs, including salaries, income, taxes, interest, etc.
ICAP Task Force Convener on Indirect Tax,
Asif Kasbati believes that the provincial treasury should also provide payment
Restore filing pursuant to (likely) FBR to avoid legal issues arising from locking
For a public holiday under the General Clause Act) and for convenience.
He also pointed out the possibility of allowing February extensions across the province
Officials said the final day of payment came less than the due date.

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