How to install a sink for the shower?

The drain is the part that connects the downspout to the drain of the shower tray. There are them for prefabricated shower trays or for built-in shower trays, those that are made with ceramic or gresite and they are also available for horizontal or vertical outlets. If you want to know how to install a sink for the shower, we will explain it to you in this post.If you need to buy a shower valve you should read the shower valve reviews

What materials do you need to install a shower drain?
• Sink
• Shower plate
• Bubble level
• Polyurethane or cementitious putty
• Silicone gun or bucket and paddle
• PVC pipe
• PVC glue
• Mortar
• Mahones
• Bituminous paint
• Brush
How to install a sink for the shower?
If you are ready to install a drain for your shower , carefully follow this step by step.
1. Consider where you want to install the shower tray.

2. With the pencil, make a mark where the drain will go so that when you take out the shower tray you know where you have to put it.

3. You have to take into account that the drain will have a minimum of between 10 or 15 cm in height, so if you want the shower tray to be flush with the floor, you will have to chop to be able to insert the drain in the hole you make. If not, what you have to do is a work base. In any case, you have to wait a day for the mortar to dry.

4. Place the drain.

5. Once you are sure that the base is level and dry, you can proceed to place the shower tray. It is recommended that you apply a layer of bituminous paint with fiber mesh and allow it to dry before applying the adhesive.

6. There are two ways to fix a shower tray. If it is smooth or has few irregularities, it can be fixed at the bottom with a polyurethane putty. In case you need to apply a little more thickness to fix the shower tray, you can use glue cement. It is best to be flexible or special for outdoor use.

7. When placing the shower tray, you have to be sure that it is completely level . This will have to be done with a spirit level and, once it is level, let it dry.

8. Mount the drain cover that goes into the drain opening of the shower tray.

With all these steps, you have already been able to install your shower drain. If you have any questions, you can open a new conversation thread in Forums . If you have installed a sink in your home, share the final result and the before and after photos in the Projects section .

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