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Non-traditional Sweet dishes you can have in a party

Parties are places to crash and dwell in unlimited happiness being with our loved ones and not worrying over any aspect of life. However, these times of joy are often interrupted by our diet-conscious thoughts. Picking any food item, the thought of it being fat, sweet and full of calories crashes our minds. It’s high time we put a stop on such thought processes and instil a lifestyle of health and not consciousness. Being fit is a habit and not a short span of passion. For those who are careful of what they eat to maintain a fit and strong body, not having anything in parties is not the answer. These fitness freaks are often seen eating almost everything from fats or carbs.

Inspired by these, we have crafted a menu of desserts for the after-party, and throughout that everyone can have and not be conscious.

  • Cakes

Cakes have gone to a whole new level creating a space of being the exotic, undeniable dish of any special moment. You too can order cake delivery in Gurgaon for your party without thinking of the kind of calories and cream it has. However, if you feel troubled, you can go for a sugar-free one that is equally delicious.

  • Homemade dessert

If you like ice cream, you can make those at home too. They will be hygienic and tasty and also fit in your parameter of fitness. Buy pallets to make ice cream or kulfis and pour some flavoured milk with nuts in it. Let it freeze for some time while you prepare other food items. It might not taste exactly like outside but would be worth a try.

  • Fruit chaat

Fruit chaat is a thorough kind of sweet dish. It is one that can be had with drinks and starters. Some people also like fruits on their cakes and this way you can have both. Have oranges, apples, bananas, Kiwis and other rich and preferable fruits you like. Sprinkle some salt over it too, to make it more juicy and flavoursome.

  • Ice cones

Ice cones have recently gained a lot of popularity being a handy dish to have and that too in as many flavours as you like. You have known this as a dish from the streets since your childhood just with a fancy interface, it’s the same as then and has been made popular in parties. You can serve it to yourself and gain absolutely no calories or fats.

  • Marshmallows

These have newly gained attention as something to be eaten in parties with the wake of social media. You can have them as it is if you like to have chewy and gummy things. You can also roast them in a fire if you are having a bonfire in the party. They taste nice and sweet both ways and also act as a dessert at the party.

  • Jam and crackers

Many people are unfamiliar with this one for obvious reasons. It is not a traditional dish that everyone may like, but it’s also just a bite that it takes to want to have this one. You can have a fruit jam or others with either plain or spicy chips. Dip the crackers in a jam, like you would do in salsa and have it alongside your drinks.

  • Chocolate dips

We are not talking about having a ton of chocolate dips, but we turn something more experiential than that. How would you like to have your favourite solid food things dipped in chocolate and frozen to become rock solid? For example, slices of coconut, slices of orange, slices of apple, slices of pear and popcorn. These will be the different things one should have in their party, and also you will see all the crowd gathered there.

Do you like the ideas of non-traditional sweet items we have for you? Try some or all in your best party, and you will see for yourself we were not wrong about it.

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