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Natural Teeth Whitening At Home – 5 Methods To Consider

Americans spend much more than you might think every single year on teeth whitening. Over $11 billion in fact. This does include close to $1.4 billion on special natural teeth whitening products that can be used in the comfort of one’s own home.

The good news is you can easily choose out of countless products these days. The bad news is that many are not as great as you might believe. Various at-home kits actually use damaging chemicals.

As a result, most dentists recommend that you first consider natural teeth whitening options, before the safe teeth whitening done in their office. Only when they fail you should consider visiting the offices of a dentist that can offer professional teeth whitening in Canberra or wherever you live.

Oil Pulling

This is a traditional folk remedy originating from India. It is meant to remove body toxins and drastically improve your oral hygiene. When you use it, you swish oil around the mouth. As a result, you remove bacteria, which is responsible to turn into plaque. As a result, your teeth will end up looking yellow.

At the traditional level, Indians utilized sesame oil or sunflower oil in order to perform oil pulling. However, any oil can work. A very preferred one is coconut oil because it has some extra health benefits and the taste is pleasant.

Keep in mind that coconut oil has a high composition of lauric acid. This is very useful in killing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

While we do not have access to studies proving that oil pulling can whiten teeth, it is a completely safe practice that is worth an attempt. There are many that believe teeth are brighter and whiter after oil pulling is regularly done.

Using Baking Soda To Brush Teeth

It is a well-known thing that baking soda has strong whitening properties. This is why we so often see it placed inside commercial toothpaste. Baking soda is mildly abrasive and can easily scrub many surface stains we have on our teeth.

In addition, the use of baking soda leads to the creation of an alkaline environment inside the mouth. This can prevent the growth of bacteria. It is not actually a remedy that can work overnight. However, you should be able to notice an appearance difference as time passes.

There was a study that showed baking soda was effective at the removal of yellow stains when compared to the standard toothpastes (they do not have baking soda). Also, generally, with the baking soda concentration is higher, effects are also higher.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is actually the main ingredient used inside most natural teeth whitening at-home kits available on the market right now. It has been used for a long time because of its natural ability to kill the bacteria inside our mouths. Also, dentists so often use hydrogen peroxide in the custom whitening trays they create.

While we do know that hydrogen peroxide can whiten teeth when under the careful supervision of dentists, not much is known about using it alone to brush or rinse. The commercial toothpastes that contain peroxide were analyzed and it was shown that they can whiten teeth by up to 62% in just one month and a half.

Eat Vegetables And Fruits

When your diet is high in vegetables and fruit, you gain numerous interesting health benefits, including for your teeth. Obviously, there is no way to substitute them when it comes to eating. The two options that are most preferred are pineapples and strawberries.

To make the solution even more effective, add in some baking soda to the mixture. This a completely natural remedy that was actually made quite popular by Hollywood celebrities.


The last thing we should highlight is that there is no substitute to prevention. The best thing you could do is to prevent the appearance of tooth stains. Our teeth do naturally yellow as we age. However, this does not mean that stain prevention is not possible. Here are some things you can take into account right now:

  • Limit beverages and foods that stain teeth – This includes the consumption of dark berries, soda, red wine, and coffee. They do not have to be completely avoided. However, limiting consumption will help your teeth from not getting stained.
  • Limit sugar intake – When the diet is high in sugar, it leads to the appearance of bacteria capable of causing gingivitis and plaque.
  • Increase calcium intake – In some cases, tooth discoloration can be caused by having enamel erode and then make the dentin exposed.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, having perfect, white teeth forever is not possible without the help of your dentist. However, this does not mean that you cannot do some things that will help you in the long run.

The options presented above should be considered as being the first step towards whiter teeth. However, this does not mean that they will always work. Remember that and if you see them failing, simply go to a dentist specialized in teeth whitening for professional help.

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