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Health and Fitness

Most Common Types of Sports Injuries

Sports and injuries go hand in hand; the more you play, the more prone you are to get injured. If these injuries are not dealt with proper medical analysis, they can lead to serious health problems. This is why sports professionals residing in the UAE opt for physiotherapy in case of an injury,

There are numerous facilities where you can find a physiotherapist in Dubai. You can visit them in the case of the following injuries:


When doing a rigorous activity, our body sometimes moves in abnormal directions or bends in angles in which it shouldn’t. Moving it in such directions causes the tendons and muscle to be torn or damaged. Common forms of strains are pulled hamstrings, strained groin muscle, and hip flexor strain.

Warming up before strenuous activity can help to prevent them.


When overstretching, the ligaments which join any two bones in a joint are torn apart or damaged causing bruising and pain in the affected area. The most common sprain in the ankle joint. You can treat it with icing, rest, and medication.


Cuts can result from multiple reasons during any game. The amount of hindrance it causes depends on the location and intensity of the cut. A cut can be due to falling or sliding on the park or court where you are playing. Minor cuts can heal quickly while deep cuts need time and proper medication.


A bruise occurs as a result of a blow to any body part resulting in internal bleeding. The skin has a purplish tinge which later changes to brown colour. It is painful when touched but easily reheals in a few days and doesn’t interfere with normal functioning.

Shoulder Dislocation

Four muscles in the shoulder joint form the Rotator cuff which is responsible for the movement. Any damage to it can cause rotator cuff injury and make movement difficult.

Nose injuries

A light blow to the nose causes rupturing of the capillaries which result in nose bleed. The nasal bone is the most common facial bone which gets broken when a direct blow is made and requires immediate medical attention.

Dental Injuries

When you get a blow to your teeth by some object or person, a dental injury can occur. The most common tooth injuries include

  •  Cracked tooth: When a tooth is cracked above the gum line, it is a less serious injury and can be treated with little difficulty. But if it is cracked below the gum line, it would demand tooth extraction and or root canal to provide further problems/infections.
  •  Fractured roots: A root is fractured when a person receives a blow at such an angle that directly damages the root of the tooth. The damage then extends upwards towards the tooth. Although the damage is invisible, it can be treated timely by doing a root canal in order to avoid the extraction of the tooth.
  • Tooth intrusion: It is when a tooth is forced back into the jawline line due to a severe blow. Although it is most common in children with milk teeth it can happen to adults as well and it causes complications and the sportsman can be out of action for a longer period


It is a brain injury caused by a blow to the head which is most commonly caused in contact sports like soccer, wrestling, football, and baseball. It doesn’t always mean unconsciousness but results in dizziness, nausea, loss of balance, and headaches. It can be treated within 2 to 4 weeks through proper medication and rest. A concussion must be properly healed before playing sports again otherwise it can be fatal.


One type of fracture is stress fracture caused due to repetitive movements. They may or may not cause swelling. It’s a fine break in the bone due to continuous overuse. Other serious fractures are most common in games like football and rugby. They should be treated immediately using icing to reduce swelling and then followed by proper medical treatment.

All these minor or major injuries should be taken care of properly to avoid any extended physical issue. In all cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor so a satisfactory examination is done by an expert. Moreover, for muscle and body stiffness in athletes’ sports massage can prove to be efficient.

Physical Injury or Trauma

Most commonly, physiotherapists are found helping people through injuries such as sprains and physical traumas such as severe accidents, concussions, etc. More often than not, athletes who have an upcoming match sit in with physiotherapists and sports psychologists on a regular basis. The idea is to make sure that they retain their physical and mental form throughout the season.

While psychologists work on helping the performer retain their esteem, confidence and knowledge of the game, physiotherapists make sure they don’t have untreated injuries. In fact, with proper treatments such as a regular sports massage, physiotherapists can even reduce the chances of your body sustaining bad injuries.

There’s a wide range of problems that a physiotherapist can help you with. If you think that something feels off, painful or irritating for days on end, visit an expert. You might be in the process of developing something serious or hopefully, it’ll just be muscle needing relaxing. Suffice it to say, your physiotherapist will best be able to understand, diagnose and treat the condition.

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