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Morphii Pro and Pro+ WordPress Plugin

Reader responses are among the factors that make the majority of social media platforms so fascinating. Imagine being able to integrate emoticons into WordPress so that users may respond to posts and comments. It is now available on WordPress also. Without changing a file or adding a single line of code, you can set it up in a matter of minutes. Your visitors are used to being able to click to respond to what they are seeing or reading. Emojis are used to convey just about any emotion a person might have, including like, love, laugh, and scowl. There are only a few emoji reaction plugins available for WordPress. if you want to create your custom plugin, use WordPress development services.

The professionals will add the Emoji reaction buttons to the posts, comments, or wherever you want to add. In addition, your visitors will be able to react to the content. In fact, some emoticon plugins also provide the stats of the posts which received expressions. Here, we are going to discuss the latest emoticon plugin Morphii and its upgrades.

What are Emojis?

Emojis are small graphics that are used in mobile or online communication to convey emotions. Emojis are adorable and amusing. You can communicate with them without saying a lot of words. They are so well-liked on social networking platforms and texting applications. The ability to support Emoji on WordPress websites is something that many WordPress users are searching for. They are a development of the original online emoticons, which were face-like illustrations typically composed of a few punctuation marks. A new 

Morphii plugin established by Vizbii Technologies makes it possible for any WordPress-powered website (or blog) to harness the power of collecting user experiences like emotions—and their intensity. With the help of the plugin’s library of pre-set questions, subscribers can quickly select the questions they want to ask the customers visiting their website.

What is Morphii Plugin?

We know that every WordPress user is toiling to increase and maintain the customer base, where experience is the king. So, to provide the best customer experiences, every organization needs to provide more accurate and actionable data. Therefore, Vizbii Technologies introduces a Morphii plugin with its upgrades. With the help of this plugin, a WordPress-based website can gather the user experience like emotions and their intensity.

Morphii plugin is accessible across various industries and use-case scenarios. The WordPress user needs to select the question they want to ask from the audience and place it on the website. After it, they can reap the benefits of engaging the customers to drive empathy and loyalty. Want to install the Morphii plugin? But you do not know how to install and activate it. Hire WordPress developer to activate the plugin on your WordPress website.

Features of Morphii Plugin for WordPress Website

Above, we have discussed what Morphii is. Now let us explore the features of the Morphii plugin.

No doubt, Morphii has very straightforward functionality like other WordPress plugins. It has a free-forever entry point with which you will get access to the small library of questions that are made for multiple industries and clientele. At the end of the blog, you can ask them questions like How do you feel about our product? or How does this content make you feel? The user who will read the content will respond with the Morphii, an adaptable image that allows the customer to share its feeling and intensity.

In fact, the plugin’s dashboard also tracks and synthesizes the reactions in real-time. Even the plugin will not overstate the intensity of the customer experience. It drives the behavior of the customers through emotions. For example, the customer is not glad about the services, and you want to address the issue to refine the journey. You will do everything to change the customer behavior towards your brand. 

Morphii not only offers trustworthy insights but also satisfies a duty to make the feedback process more enjoyable and productive for respondents. It also offers stakeholders a competitive market differentiator that is easy and reasonably priced to implement utilizing current technological channels. Morphii is now available in the WordPress plugin store and can reside anywhere on any WordPress webpage. So, what are you waiting for? Avail of the WordPress Development services to add the Morphii plugin feature to your website.

How to Configure the Morphii Plugin to the WordPress Website?

One can cut and paste the emojis into WordPress posts and pages. In fact, this is a quick and easy take to get the emojis into the content. But, how the visitors will get the ability to react to the post or comment with an emoticon. So, here we will discuss how one can configure the Morphii plugin into their WordPress website.

Let us go through the points to install the Morphii plugin on your WordPress site.

Install the Morphii Plugin

  • Firstly, the user needs to log in to the WordPress admin panel.
  • After it, in the left column navigation, move the cursor to the plugin and add the new plugin to it.
  • It will take you to the search bar. Here enter “Morphii”.
  • Next, it will show you the plugin, click on Install Now.
  • To use the functionality of the Morphii plugin, you have to activate it.

It completes the installation and activation of the Morphii plugin. Further, we need to know how to run the plugin on the WordPress website.

Configuration of the Plugin

  • You will now see Morphii Questions and Morphii Reviews in the right-hand navigation menu on your dashboard.
  • The next step is to get your license. Under “Morphii Questions,” click “Settings,” and then click “License.”
  • After it, click on the “Get Your Morphii License Key” button.
  • Further, you can copy this from the new open window and paste it into the fields above on the Settings page.
  • You will start seeing morphii questions once you obtain your license. If you have the FREE version of the plugin, there will be six questions.
  • To acquire your X-data, click “shortcode” in the Settings menu and copy the code to the website you want the plugin to appear on.

Manage Settings

  1. One can hire WordPress developer to control the Reactions to the post made by the visitors.
  2. In fact, they can also help in controlling the comments settings.
  3.  It depends on the admin whether they want to add the responses of the visitors in the comment or not.
  4. From Setting, the admin or the developer can turn off the option, whether the guest visitor can use the emoji reaction or not.

Edit Post View Settings

These are more intricate options that regulate how views are tallied, recorded, and displayed.

  • The number of times a page has been seen can be displayed using a shortcode in a post or page thanks to Post View Count. Do you recall hit counters? It is this.
  • You can choose the minimum length of time a visitor must spend on a page for a hit to be recorded using Delayed Count. Leave this set to 2 if you don’t want to count search engine bots. Set it to 0 if you want to count each page load.
  • You can use a different icon set for the reaction emojis with the Post View Template.
  • Turning on Append Post View To Content shows the Post View Count/hit counter at the bottom of all content.
  • The counter is the only thing that the shortcode technique will be added to.
  • You’re probably not using the WordPress Twenty Twenty theme, which is the only one that supports Append Post View To Theme.

Modify Default Settings

  1. Here, just “Auto Upgrade” is an option. To upgrade the plugin automatically, turn it to ON.
  2. The Plugins page on WordPress now has an auto-update feature for all plugins.
  3. If you alter any of these options, don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button.

Download the Collected Responses

  1. To acquire your X-data, click “shortcode” in the Settings menu and copy the code to the website you want the plugin to appear on.
  2. Copy the shortcode and replace the “MW400” parameter with the number that corresponds to the question you want to ask.
  3. Further, click on the Save button to complete the task. Morphii is now present on your WordPress website and will actively gather valuable X-Data from users.
  4. Go to “Morphii Reviews” in your navigation and click “Reports” to get a report on your morphii responses.
  5. Your exceptional responses are stored in this area. To download your collected responses and begin examining trends, click “Export All Reviews.”

In fact, the admin can also delete the responses collected. For it, the admin needs to go to the Reports of the Morphii Reviews. Here, the admin can export and delete the reactions by clicking on the delete button in the Operation field.

Final words

We hope this post has helped you know about the Morphii plugin and its upgrades. WordPress does come with the old fashion emoticons. In fact, there are numerous options available for WordPress users to use different techniques to get the visitor’s reviews about the post or the photos. So, are you also seeking to add such functionality to your WordPress site? Or you want to develop a custom plugin for your website. One can always avail of WordPress development services.

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