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Modern Mentorship at Dr. Jay Feldman’s Mentors Collective

Modern Mentorship at Dr. Jay Feldman’s Mentors Collective

Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur and mentor. But those who are, have unique abilities and ambition that aid them in their pursuit of success and recognition. Dr Jay Feldman is quickly becoming a known and well-respected name in the entrepreneurial community due to his impressive experience and accomplishments at only 28 years old.

Jay Feldman is an Osteopathic medical doctor, co-founder of Otter Public Relations, and creator of Mentors Collective, a podcast and media outlet composed by a group of inspiring and successful entrepreneurs assisting one another in sharing secrets to attain success, and common value in achieving financial and personal freedom. This group was created  with the sole purpose of  providing mentorship to like-minded  individuals, while serving as an educational channel to those eager to begin a career in entrepreneurship.

Mentor’s Collective showcases well-known individuals in business development, marketing, and various entrepreneurial fields, so that listeners may learn from top earners and accomplished founders. One of Dr. Feldman’s favorite interviews on his channel is with Brian Lofrumento; an entrepreneur, speaker and author who formed his first real business at the age of 19 and has also dedicated his life to help others build successful businesses online.

In this interview, Jay discusses how difficult it can be to bring forward an idea and make it a reality whilst balancing work and maintaining a social life. Creating and working towards success can be a lonely road, especially if you are building a business from the ground up, but it doesn’t have to be. His advice? Surround yourself with similar people and become part of a group of experienced business owners sharing their tips on overcoming adversity and building an empire.

The road to success has not been exactly effortless for Dr. Feldman. Just  as he has had major success in starting businesses from scratch, he has had failures as well that have served as lessons in his entrepreneurial journey. He believes wholeheartedly in learning from your mistakes and using them as key tools in adjusting your delivery methods during a business launch or even during the beginning stages of creating a business plan.

Another of Jay’s favorite approaches to becoming a prosperous entrepreneur is constructing and following a daily morning routine. In another of his Mentor’s Collective podcast shows, he discusses the importance of a daily morning ritual and how to experiment with it to find what works for you. Jay believes this episode is of great value because as he explains “the morning should be your time to have a few minutes to yourself to clear your head where you’re not concerned about work, to really set yourself up in a prime state to accomplish everything that you want to that day and to have a win every single day.” For many of us, it is not always so easy to find the motivation to stick to a routine but Dr. Feldman is convinced that “if you start by doing the same things every single morning, then it sets yourself up for a successful day, day after day.”

For Dr. Feldman, self-discipline and knowledge are the most powerful tools when looking to  become a notable and top of the ladder entrepreneur. While completing four years of rigorous medical school material, he also dedicated himself to establishing three successful e-commerce businesses and began building a name for himself in the healthcare community in addition to establishing a powerful social media presence mentoring aspiring medical students and entrepreneurs. He is an individual that leads by example and by selflessly sharing his knowledge and tips with the world.

Be sure to follow Dr. Jay Feldman’s Journey on social media.

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