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Why you should consider buying a golden mobile number??

Why you should consider buying a golden mobile number??

The golden number is a unique mobile phone number that may consist of two same digits repeating constantly, or tetra numbers, 786 numbers, and many more. The importance of the golden number cannot be denied as it is easy to memorize and unique in sequence with the respective codes of mobile network companies.

They are not only purchased by youngsters due to their interest but also by the business organizations. Business owners prefer to purchase mobile numbers that are easy to remember for their marketing. You may have noticed that high profile companies always use UAN or golden numbers in their advertisements. It becomes easy for the audience to remember and enhance their clientele.

Mobile network companies launch specialized phone numbers that go hand in hand. Every mobile network in Pakistan introduces golden numbers to fulfill the demands of customers. There are many categories in golden numbers that vary in digit sequence and price. Customers purchase them as per desire and budget.

Telenor golden numbers

Telenor is one of the largest telecommunication network companies and has billions of users worldwide. It offers a great range of golden numbers starting from the introductory codes 0345 to the later codes. It also offers a wide range of discounted bundle offers to its customers. Due to worldwide access and special offers on golden numbers, clients love to purchase Telenor golden numbers.

If you want to buy a Telenor golden number, do not wait to contact Naqqash Mughal. For your convenience, Naqqash Mughal is supplying Telenor golden numbers across Pakistan especially in Lahore. He possesses a wide collection of diamond, platinum, golden, UAN, 786, and silver mobile SIM numbers like Penta, tetra, Hexa, etc.  It is the best cellular service brand who is working since 1994 in the field.

Paying for a special number will not go unrewarded

When we come to the cost of golden numbers, it is remarkably high from other numbers. They are expensive because of their digit sequence attraction as compared to formal numbers. Their demand is also high, people grab them quickly when see the availability of the desired number. Every mobile network launches its golden, platinum, and silver numbers to attract customers. Larger organizations prefer to purchase the golden numbers as soon as possible ignoring their cost because it gives a remarkable marketing advantage to them. The usage of the mobile number is the same as other formal numbers but they look attractive.

Although these numbers are expensive to buy they have a great significance over other causal mobile numbers. There are many reasons you should buy a Telenor golden number.

  • Special number

Recent time is being known as digital time and mobile is the basic way to get in touch with each other. Acquiring the special phone number that is easy to memorize and unique from others; is the dream of almost every youngster. These numbers are very unique in sequence as

786 number —- 034×7878678

Pair number —- 034×5588660

Sequence number – 034×1234567 and many more.


  • Easy to memorize

Golden numbers have a great advantage that they are easy to remember by your loved ones. Your social circle associates your personality with your mobile number. If he has misplaced your number from his mobile, he will not get involved in the trouble of contacting you. For a mobile number like 0301 8348264, it is difficult for the potential listener to keep it in mind as compared to a golden number 0300 1122445.

  • Advertise your business

Golden mobile numbers do not come in the category of a luxury item instead they have now become essential for business marketing. You have seen that large organizations always have a UAN or mobile number that seems special and easy to remember. It has now become an advertisement tool for companies.

  • Make identity in your circle

Let’s suppose, you have a mobile number that is your date of birth or it consists of your lucky digit, what you think will affect your identity? It will surely make you recognized among your social circle and family members. So never miss the chance to buy these golden numbers.


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