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Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Professional Logo

We live in a digital age where the internet and smartphones are a major part of everyone’s lives. Due to easy access, now nearly everyone uses the internet to search for a product or service.

Traditionally, business companies relied on common marketing techniques to inspire target audiences and help them to make a purchasing decision. However, with the rapid integration of digital technology, new or old businesses have to communicate the message clearly to potential customers.

One factor that distinguishes one brand from another is the ‘logo.’ It is essential for startups to come up with stylish and innovative logos. The complete success of a startup company relies on its ‘logo’ and how the target audience may perceive it. People mostly buy a product or service from a brand they are already consuming or familiar with.

In today’s competitive market, it is quite challenging for a business owner to launch, establish, and sustain a brand. People are always looking for a change and a startup brand that can offer them full value for money. However, the first hurdle is getting the people to know about your brand, which is only possible with brand ‘name’ and ‘logo.’

As a young and aspiring entrepreneur, you may have a limited budget and like to look for cost-effective alternatives. Fortunately, in this digital age, you get the best online logo maker, making it easier to design a logo. You do not even need to have any technical skills and can easily select the options and features. However, the common mistakes that one should avoid when making a professional logo are

  • Hiring an Amateur Logo Designer

One of the most common mistakes that startup business owners make is hiring a freelance designer due to a limited budget. If you dream big, then you need to take risks and hope for the best. You need to design a formidable logo as the logo of a brand will continue for the lifespan of the company. It is quite difficult for a company to rebrand and completely revamp the old logo and expect instant success.

As it is a one-time expense, you need to employ an expert logo design team. A logo of a brand only looks professional if it is designed by a professional. If the logo does not intrigue and interest potential customers, it is quite challenging for a startup to establish itself.

  • Not Doing Proper Research

As a business owner, you need to know what message or value the brand will portray. A logo needs to be distinctive, memorable, and connect with the target audience. The essential step is knowing the market segment and doing extensive research. One important factor is keeping ‘logo design’ of a successful brand as a benchmark, which makes it easier to develop a stylish logo.

You also need to have complete brand details so that the logo depicts the concept of the brand. An online logo maker allows you to use creative options and design a stellar logo. You can even enter the name of the brand and see potential logo designs.

  • Relying on Conventional Trends

In many market sectors and segments, some of the logo elements are defined, such as colors and shapes. For example, tech brands prefer to paint the logo blue as it means reliability and inspiration. If we look around, nearly many of the popular brands are very old but have phenomenal logos. Take, for example, MacDonald’s, Toyota, and Coca-Cola.

A logo needs to be evergreen, but it must comply with all the changes and trends that come with time. From a business perspective, it is necessary to keep pace with modern trends and design logos accordingly. The marketing trends in the 1980s or 1990s may not be applicable in today’s market.

  • Using Stock Themes and Art

There is a wide assortment of creative themes and templates on the online logo maker. You can play with the options, but you need first to make a rough sketch and then translate it on the logo maker. Some of the business owners hurry and want to get the logo work done and launch the brand soon. However, this puts the brand at risk as a proper plan is not developed and implemented without carrying necessary steps.

There are many stock images and art that are used hundreds of times and will not gravitate customers. Your brand needs a ‘logo’ that is distinctive and makes people want to know more about your business. One may pick an amazing stock art, but chances are it may be used by some other startup brand too. Many expert brand critics can easily spot logos with stock images, shapes, and silhouettes.

  • Experimenting Too Much

The best online logo maker offers a wide array of options that may tempt beginners to overdo the logo design. However, this is the stage where ‘research’ comes into play. As a business owner, you may have a certain idea of how the logo needs to look. But you have to know the current trends which are more towards ‘minimalism’ and ‘creative elements.’

The fewer elements in a logo, the more memorable it is for the target audience. True art lies in balancing the ‘brand elements’ and ‘symbolism’ in the logo design. Many brands are selling the same products in most market segments, which makes it tricky to be different. Also, if every brand presents itself along similar lines, it is difficult for customers to pick and choose.

  • Wrong Choice of Color

One of the most important aspects of the logo is its color. People are programmed to form images and thoughts just by looking at a color. Experts say that color alone can determine the success or failure of a brand logo. Choosing the color is one of the last decisions but quite an important one.

The online logo maker provides a wide range of color options, but one color is usually more suitable for the entire logo. One can get a good color combination, but it needs to integrate with the logo and align with the brand image. There is complete ‘color psychology’ that one has to know before finalizing the color of the brand. As the logo will feature on various mediums, the designer has to test the colors and see any change in tone, or form of the logo.

  • Incorrect Font

Apart from color, the second most crucial aspect of a logo design is the ‘typography.’ There are hundreds of different fonts, and there are further variations within those. Due to so much variety, it is better to go with a unique font. Some of the factors to consider are

  • The font needs to be suitable for the brand
  • Proper spacing between the letters and the letters should not be close to each other
  • See if the brand name appears to have the right balance and is not out of proportion

Every typeface is distinctive and can be suitable according to the particular name of the brand. If the font does not reflect the elements of the brand, then customers will not be attracted.

  • Copying Logo Designs

We live in a world where there are hundreds of options to be different. However, unfortunately, some startup brands try to mimic a successful brand and copy the logo design. Copying a logo is legally and ethically incorrect. Some clients tend to follow a benchmark logo, but the designer needs to develop an authentic logo. The best solution is a custom logo maker to design and develop an original and distinctive logo.


A brand ‘logo’ may seem a small and simple thing, but it is not easy to design it. All the popular brand logos are not the result of any luck but careful planning and consideration. Fortunately, we have an online logo maker that gives us the luxury and eases to design and modify logo design. The emphasis is on presentation and how the logo appears to the potential customers.

The best way is to have certain goals in mind following a concept. Get a rough sketch, translate it onto the logo maker and develop 3 possible prototypes. Fill the colors, choose a font, and look which one looks the best.

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