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Medical Tests Needed by the Women at Different Ages

Remaining fit and healthy inside out for a long period of time is not a matter of joke. People have to go through strenuous activities, high doses of medication and certain other things to remain healthy. Vigilance is another integral part which you can’t avoid!

Getting proper health check is the only way to figure out what’s wrong inside a human body and if they are in treatable condition or not. It also lets the doctor to know what should be done to prevent the degree. With age the type of tests change which we are going to discuss in this blog. So, let’s start!

Necessary Medical Tests in 20s to 30s

It is the time when you will become adult after enjoying the puberty, teenage and adolescent life. Often mood, physique and other organs develop fully in this phase bringing drastic change in your overall quality of life. Some tests which you need to do at this phase of life are mentioned below:

Pap smear and pelvic exam

Despite of the sexual history, after 21 years of age women should undergo Pap smear once in every 3-year. It reveals the sign for cervical cancer. After 3 consecutive normal results of Pap you have to undergo it more infrequently. Also with negative HPV test the interval will extend more. Women should get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) on the basis of age and respective risk factor.

Breast cancer screening

Mammograms and clinical exams combined to make the breast cancer screening. For family with medical history of breast cancer you will be at more risk of cancer interlinked to specific genes (BRCA 2 or BRCA 1). Considering your vulnerability, you will be asked to undergo BRCA testing or genetic counselling.

Physical exam

Physical exam becomes necessary once you reached 20. In this case, doctor assesses a patient’s health condition from toe-to-head and check:

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Weight
  • Height

You will be interrogated regarding:

  • Intimate partner violence
  • Vaccination history
  • Diet and exercise
  • Smoking
  • Drug and Alcohol use
  • Depression

Cholesterol test

Women about 20 years of age should take base screening for cholesterol and triglycerides in case the patients are susceptible for coronary heart disease. After 20 years of age women should start the test once in every 4-6 years. After 45, it becomes imperative as the risk of heart diseases elevates along aging.

Blood pressure screening

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure (HBP) will diagnose if it cross the range of 140/90. As it often accompanies other conditions, one must check it once in every 2 years. Remember the pressure should not be below 120/80 as well. High blood pressure should check frequently. Sometimes, you have to undergo test to check diabetes as well.

Eye exam

Vision screening is imperative if you have glasses or contacts. If there isn’t any there is no need of screening. But for any problems you should contact with an optometrist.

Dental exam

Visit your dentist once in a year for cleaning and exam.


Flu vaccine is needed to take every year for the women above 65 years of age. It is necessary for the women with below 65 who are more prone to infection. Starting at 19, tetanus-diphtheria booster is essential once in every 10-year. HPV vaccine is helpful for the women below 26. Take varicella vaccine if you have suffered from chicken pox.

Necessary Medical Tests in 40s to 60s

The test you have already commenced in your early 20s and 30s will continue. Additionally, some extra tests will include which are discussed here. Also you must undergo eye exam once in every 2-year if there is no issue.

Physical exam once in every 2-5-year is essential. Annual professional breast exam is inevitable and take shingles vaccine after 60 years of age. Now take a look at the tests you should start after 40.


Mammography is used for breast cancer screening. Age is a prominent factor to determine the way to receive treatment. It needs to perform every alternative year for the women aged between 50 and 74.

However, if you are quite young then speak to your doctor regarding having a mammography. After 75 there is no need to undergo mammogram as there is no evident that it can affect the body of such aged women.

Breast exam

The healthcare professional will carry out the annual breast exam. Manual and visual check of the breasts will be done to check the abnormality in lumps, dimpling, rashes, shape and size. They will check whether the breasts producing any fluid on gentle squeezing or not. Must know the appearance of the healthy breasts and raise any of your concerns to the doctor.

Colon cancer screening

Once you reach the bar of 50, start the screening of colon cancer. It includes annual stool test, colonoscopy (once in every 10-year), flexible sigmoidoscopy (once in every 5-year), computed tomographic colonoscopy (once in every 5-year) and double-contrast barium enema (once in every 5-year). With heightened risk of this cancer type screening becomes more often and you have to undergo it till 75 years of age.

Skin checks

Skin cancer is really a concerning matter affecting millions of people every day. Therefore, screening should be started once you are 18 by observing closely any suspicious and new moles. Considering the risk factors of the patient medical professional will carry out the screening.

It includes fair skin, substantial sun exposure, family history with skin cancer, development of several unusual moles and history of multiple blistering sun burn in early stage of the life.

Necessary Medical tests after 65

Screening test frequency and degree becomes higher along with aging. Now, you have to check the blood pressure every year. Once in every 3-5 years check the cholesterol level whether it is normal or not!

Bone density test

Osteoporosis is important for the women about 65 years of age. Bone density test becomes inevitable after women went through menopausal period. If your bone is too fragile then don’t wait till you are 65 the test can be done before too.

Hearing test

Audiogram becomes essential to determine the ability of an individual’s hearing at different intensity and pitch level. You should do it once in every year.

Pneumonia vaccine

Two set of vaccines should be taken on a gap of a year only. Only people about 65 are recommended to take it for the protection against pneumonia.

Other necessary tests

On the basis of health other tests will suggest to you as supplement the standard age-based screenings.

Depression screening

Depressive episodes once in the entire lifespan of a person are common. Women are more susceptible to depression in contrast to men. While such concern is in account it is better to screen for it. You will be interrogated about certain symptoms like sluggishness, no interest in daily activities, no interest in sex or libido loss, irritability and sleep troubles.

Diabetes test

In case there is risk of occurring diabetes then prediabetes should be screened once every 3-year after 40 years of age. If the BP exceeds 135/80 and you have high LDL then type2 diabetes is must to check. Other triggering aspects are;

  • First-degree relation with any diabetic relative
  • Severe obesity
  • Physical inactivity

Regardless of your age, staying fit and healthy is your key objective. This can be only achieved after you follow certain life strategies. It includes daily workout routine, eat healthy and nutritious foods and avoid bad habits like alcohol and smoking and performing the routine health check up. For more information visit here:

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