Measuring Your Home Space For Tiles – A Complete Guide

Planning on installing new tile floors? Or Just calculating your room space to budget for the materials you need. To determine the exact number of tiles you need. There are some calculations involved. Whether you need tiles for the floor or wall, the procedure remains the same. This guide will help you to measure your home space for tiles.

Before we start, you need to have some simple tools to measure the space. So, let’s take a look at the things you need.

  1. Measuring Tape

  2. Pen or Pencil

  3. Paper

  4. And a Calculator

The key to saving money on installing new tile floors is the correct measurement. You have to make sure that the measurements are exact, so you don’t waste money on extra material. With a few calculations, you can easily get the right number of tiles you need for your floor. Follow the steps and get going!

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Measure the Area

The first and most important thing is to measure the area of your room. Try and divide the room into square or rectangular sections. Once you have done that, hold your measuring tape at one end and measure the length and width of the room. You can either do that in inches, or centimeters, or feet, whatever suits you.

For circular rooms or spaces. You need to measure the diameter or the radius. To do that, hold the measuring tape at one end and run through the center of the area until you reach the other side. This would let you form an arc. This total length from one end to the other is the diameter. Now dividing this diameter in half, would get you the radius.

Calculate the Area

Once you have measured the length and the widths. Now you need to calculate the area. For a square or a rectangle, it’s simple. Just multiply the length by the width and you get the area. It’s easy to get the area in square footage to measure the coverage. Hence whatever the answer you get, divide that by 144 to get the square footage and you will get the covered area.

For calculating the area of a circle. Remember calculating the area of a circle in school. All you needed was the radius (squared) multiplying that by the “Pi” (3.14) would get you the area of the circle.

Number of Tiles Needed

Now that you have got the area of your space. The next thing is to calculate the number of tiles needed. To do that, measure the area of one tile you are going to apply to your floor. Once you get that, divide the area of your space by the area of one tile and you will get the number of tiles needed for your space.

For instance, you get the result as 100. Always get extra tiles so that you can easily adjust them in the corners and tight spaces. Because some tiles will get trimmed, some would get wasted during installation. Hence, to be on the safer side it is recommended to have some extra tiles.

You can search for some good quality tiles over the internet. Type ceramic tiles online in your search bar and find your favorite ones.

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