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Looking For A Juul Pod Compatible Battery?

Looking For A Juul Pod Compatible Battery?

The Juul is a pretty amazing little vaporizer. It has convenient vape pods that help to cut down on maintenance while making it easy for users to enjoy their vapor on the go without producing huge clouds of vapor. One of the biggest disadvantages of the Juul was its limited battery capacity, occasionally forcing vapers to carry multiple batteries on them just to make it through the day. Luckily for Juul users, there are a wide variety of Juul pod compatible batteries on the market to increase the time between charges.


One of the first things that most vapers look at when choosing a battery is size. Obviously you are going to want a battery that is easy to throw in a pocket or bag when you’re on the go. The Juul itself measures 3.5” by 9/16” by 7/32”. Most Juul pod compatible batteries aim at retaining this small size, but they will usually have to increase some of the dimensions in order to house a larger battery. In almost all cases, the total size of the battery will be larger in at least one dimension, though some batteries are less than 3.5 inches in length.


Size is directly tied into battery capacity, as the battery cell is the largest component inside most pod mods. When it comes to vaporizer batteries, capacity is measured in terms of milliampere hours or mAh. A Juul battery has a 200 mAh capacity, meaning that each fully charged Juul battery could provide 200mA of current for an hour. If you are tired of having your battery die during use, a large mAh will ensure a longer lifespan.


The traditional Juul battery has no traditional control features, just draw activated circuitry. For some users, this is all the control they need, but it does come at a cost. Draw activated systems are constantly turned on, which means that your Juul is going to slowly drain its battery life throughout the day. For users who want a little extra control, many Juul compatible pod systems have batteries that can be controlled using simple button controls. These controls can help provide battery indicators or be used to provide variable voltage settings that can be used to better control the vaping experience.

Heating Options

The Juul only has one voltage option. When you draw, the fixed voltage is provided and vapor is produced. One way to get a little extra control over your vapor is to use a battery that provides variable voltage options. Typically multiple heating options allow users to enjoy smaller or larger clouds of vapor than a typical Juul battery might allow. It should be noted that using higher voltage settings may limit the lifespan of your pods, consuming more e-liquid and burning the coils faster than a typical Juul battery. Some batteries will also offer preheating options that will make sure that your pod is ready to produce a perfect cloud on the first draw.

If you are looking for Juul pod compatible batteries, turn to Blankz Pods. In addition to being a source of refillable Juul pods, they also offer a few battery options for Juul users who are looking for an upgrade. Their Blankz battery has an 300 mAh battery along with three voltage settings to perfect your vapor experience. The Blankz X3 battery offers the same features as the original Juul battery, but with three times the capacity of a Juul device. To see their full inventory of batteries, refillable pods, and e-liquids, visit the Blankz online store at

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