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Linkedin hashtags: How to Use Them Effectively

Linkedin hashtags can be very useful: here’s how to use them effectively in an integrated communication strategy

In the last year, more and more people have started using hashtags on Linkedin : this novelty was in fact introduced in 2018 by the platform and, unlike other social channels, it moves differently. Here is the correct strategy to use to correctly integrate hashtags on Linkedin, maintaining a professional tone of voice.

  • Linkedin hashtag: where to insert them?
  • How best to use hashtags on Linkedin
  • How to find the best hashtags on Linkedin
  • Linkedin hashtag: mistakes to avoid
  • Linkedin hashtag : where to insert them?

The first element to know to create an effective post on Linkedin is the positioning of the hashtags : where should they be placed? In posts, which are called updates, and in articles. To add them in the updates, just insert them at the bottom of the text before publication , while for the articles here are the steps to follow:

  • From the home page, click on “write article”;
  • When the writing is finished and you are ready to publish the drafts, click on publish and a window will appear;
  • In “communicate the content of your article to the network”, it is advisable to add an introductory text, with the selection of the reference hashtags;
  • At the time of publication it will appear as a comment above the article.

Another important aspect to remember is that, after clicking on the “public” function, it will no longer be possible in any way to modify or remove the hashtags.

How best to use hashtags on Linkedin

Communication on a Linkedin Business company profile must be taken care of in every detail and the first mistake to avoid is thinking of replacing a list of hashtags with a descriptive copy aimed at the selected objectives. In fact, to create the correct Linkedin post you need:

Create a short descriptive text with final CTA;

Use an impact visual, be it an image or a video;

Integrate hashtags fluidly into the text or add some to the bottom of the post copy. (never exaggerate, for a post it is advisable never to use more than 5)

Another important rule to follow is punctuation:


  • Hashtags that group multiple words must not include spaces between one word and another;
  • It is also advisable to avoid using symbols ;
  • Capital letters can be used in hashtags consisting of multiple words.

How to find the best hashtags on Linkedin

As happens on other social networks such as Facebook , the selection of hashtags on Linkedin must follow some rules: first of all it is important to create the perfect balance between popular hashtags and specific hashtags of the brand’s reference niche. In this regard, it is possible to do a cross-search on other social channels, such as Twitter, to track down the most performing hashtags. In addition, when you start writing a post, LinkedIn automatically suggests some hashtags that may be relevant: if they seem suitable, they can be applied to your market niche .

Another element to consider concerns the geographical position: if a post or article is aimed at a target in a specific geographical area, it may be useful to insert a destination hashtag. Also in this regard, many wonder whether to use hashtags in Italian or English: this choice depends on the content of the post and the target audience. Those who have only Italian contacts and write only in Italian, may prefer hashtags in the national language.

Another useful tip in the scouting phase of the best LinkedIn hashtags is to follow the hashtags that are relevant for your brand. In this way, the posts will appear on the LinkedIn feed, providing useful inspirations regarding the hashtags used in the sector and by any competitors.

After completing the hashtag search phase, perhaps by crossing it with the hashtags used on Instagram or other social networks, the final step is to write down the list on Google Doc or any other spreadsheet, which can be sorted by different categories or for the degree of popularity. In this way, over time, it will be possible to have an updated history of your hashtags and save a lot of time when it comes to using them.

Linkedin hashtag : mistakes to avoid

After analyzing the correct strategy to identify the hashtags to be used on Linkedin, it is important to also know what are the main errors to avoid :

  1. Always use hashtags with an unintelligible meaning;
  2. Avoid using too many advertising hashtags and forget about corporate hashtags;
  3. Avoid abbreviations or the use of ironic hashtags because linkedin is a channel that uses this tool differently than twitter , facebook and instagram;
  4. Sometimes it is advisable to prefer mentions over the use of hashtags: even in this case it is important to make the most suitable choice for the single reference post.
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