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What is engagement and why it is so important

How marketing engagement is measured

In the world of marketing we hear more and more often about engagement as an aspect of fundamental importance for the success of a certain product: we try to find out the reason

One of the most important concepts in the inbound marketing sector is that of engagement . It can be indicated as the ability of a product to establish robust and long-lasting relationships with its users: this can apply to a brand, an application, a blog, and so on.

Through engagement, a link is created between the consumer and the brand : the relationship is more enduring the more information you have about users and, consequently, it is possible to develop appropriate tactics.

How marketing engagement is measured

There are several ways in which engagement can be measured . Among these it is worth mentioning:

  • Repeated visits to a site;
  • Repeat purchase;
  • Web statistics regarding the comments left on a post, the number of pages viewed per user, the bounce rate and many other indicators.

Knowing the simple definition of engagement is not enough, but it is also necessary to understand how this aspect can be measured.

Digital Marketing engagement strategies

To obtain the best possible performance in terms of engagement, it is necessary to establish a deep relationship with users that is both long-lasting and stable. This means that customers must be listened to and taken into consideration through dedicated conversations.

For the engagement, the definition of the target achieved does not concern the final sale, but the level of attention that is reserved for consumers. It is essential to ensure that users are interested in repeating the interactions they experience , so that they can establish an emotional bond with the brand or product, through various direct channels which, in addition to the classic platforms, can include the stories of Linkedin and other social networks. . The purpose of the engagement, in fact , is to induce users to remain faithful to the services and brands.

The engagement and the CBE definition

Often when we talk about engagement we refer to the abbreviation CBE: it is an acronym that stands for Consumer Brand Engagement , and which corresponds precisely to the emotional involvement that a consumer can experience towards a brand. This involvement derives from the experiences that have been lived not only by interacting with the brand, but also with other users. This leads to active customer behavior , which manifests itself through the publication of reviews and many other activities that take place within the brand community and spread through social copywriting .

Engagement, a qualitative definition

As you can clearly understand, the concept of engagement in marketing calls into question a qualitative rather than a quantitative approach: it is a matter of evaluating the level of social relationships that see consumer involvement rather than considering the frequency of purchase, the volume of sales, visits to an e-commerce or other numerical factors. It is precisely the qualitative indicators that highlight the degree of complexity that distinguishes the consumer journey at the time of social networks and the habit of shopping on the web thanks to online shopping, promoting the loyalty of e-commerce and business customers.

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