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Kuari Pass Trek Full Guide

One of the most famous treks in the Indian Himalayan area that is situated in the Garhwal Himalaya, the Kuari Pass trek attract a great many voyagers from everywhere the world consistently. The course to Kuari Pass was once crossed by Lord Curzon in 1905 and consequently the Kuari Pass trek is regularly named as ‘Master Curzon Trail’. The trek goes through the thick snow capped backwoods of oak and conifer, Rhododendron and birch, overflowing with an assortment of creatures and fowls life and NOT TO YOUR SURPRISE, you may even run over panther pugmarks or a Himalayan wild bear on this path. The trek to Kuari Pass is accordingly associated with every single components of experience that sets out upon regularly and on steep climbs and plummets, tight and precarious ways and spouting streams. Further, the excursion merits the exertion something you will before long acknowledge when you catch the pleasant silver skyline holding corresponding to the perfect blue sky.


The trek to Kuari Pass begins from Selu Bagar, which is a drive capable good ways from Ghat. The path from Selu Bagar heads to Ghunni, which is a short trek of around 2–3 hours. From Ghunni the path snakes through a rich undulating scene that is slept with a few types of elevated trees and wild blossoms. You will likewise run over a little town, Ramni, which is possessed by a Himalayan clan who are carrying on with an agreeable life loaded with shadings and spirits. From that point, the trek to Kuari Pass gets arduous as the path proceeds with a precarious move to Jhinjhi town in transit to Vinayak Pass. All through the path, from Ghunni to Jhinjhi that crosses through an open knoll with staggering perspectives on a portion of the Himalayan gems, one can outline the scene of Nanda Ghunti and Chaukhamba. Continuously the excursion goes through the delightful woods of Rhododendron, trailed by field meadows for sheeps and steers with some itinerant hovels. At Vinayak Pass one can visit the Ganesha sanctuary that is weaved with a supplication banner. From Jhinjhi the path proceeds with the stream Birahi Ganga and prompts Pana town. From Pana the trek to Kuari Pass by means of Dakhwani cuts over each component of nature, thick woodland, streams, shifted scenes and untamed life making it really strange. The trek downhill from Kuari Pass prompts Tali and from there on to Joshimath through Auli. 


Best Time to Visit 


Temperature in summer stays between 19̊C to 29̊C while in winter the temperature falls upto – 8̊C and the most extreme temperature can go up to 12̊C. In this manner, these two seasons are good for the trek to Kuari Pass. 


Climate in Kuari Pass 


Summer: Kuari Pass Trek is best during summer season beginning from April till mid-June. The quiet and satisfying summer sun makes the trek agreeable. Conveying Light woolens is adviced. 


Storm: In rainstorm, the course gets sloppy and dangerous for the trekkers. It is smarter to try not to trek in this season. 


Spring: Spring month’s mid-September to early November are viewed as best an ideal opportunity to trek Kuari Pass. The trekking is fun with lavish greenery in general and the quiet climate. 


Winter: The trek gets troublesome throughout the colder time of year season. Weighty woolen garments and shoes are must for trekking during winter. 


Where is the Kuari Pass? 


Kuari Pass is situated in the region of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, which is at an elevation of 4265 meters above ocean level. Kuari Pass is the major trekking objective in the Chamoli region of Uttarakhand. The Pass is at the focal point of the most fantastic districts of Garhwal and is known for its novel wild greatness. The foundation underneath the valley is the passage to the imposing Rishi Gorge, which was once viewed as un-vulnerable. Kuari Pass is has a moderate height of 12,200 feet however it is packed with sees that are phenomenal. The outdoors grounds of Gulling, Chitrakantha and Tali are the significant attractions of the trek. The path driving from Tali Top to Kuari Pass gives an impression of doing an entire a high undertaking as one navigate through grounds that are layered with day off. For the novices, the Kuari Pass trek can be an enchanting encounter as the trek incorporates rock climbing, strolling through the thick backwoods and the snow-loaded path. 


Kuari Pass Trekking Tour Highlights 


– The lavish green Gorson knoll 


– Grand perspectives on 4 pinnacles of Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Mana, Kamet, Hathi, Ghodi, – Trishul, Nandaghunti, Nanda Devi, Dunagiri 


– Witness an old exchanging course. 


– Tali lake 


– Verdant woodland 


– Panchachuli headquarters


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