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Everest Base Camp Trek – My Experience & Tips



After I proceeded to trek the Annarpurna Base Camp in 2013, I was unable to get Nepal off of my mind. I realized I will undoubtedly be once again eventually and following 5 years, I was at last back trekking in Nepal once more. 


It is the longest and the most elevated trek I have ever done, and one of the most vital trekking experience I have ever had all through my 6 years out and about. The Himalayas don’t baffle! 


Seeing Mount Everest with your own eyes is certainly a once in a blue moon insight and I’m here today to get it going for you. This is a definitive guide on the most proficient method to trek the Everest Base Camp autonomously. 


A total schedule, things to plan, where to remain, a step by step breakdown of my spending plan, and huge loads of shocking photographs, here is all you require to know to have the best trekking involvement with your life. 


When To Trek Everest Base Camp 


The best an ideal opportunity to trek the Everest Base Camp path or anyplace else in the Nepalese Himalayas so far as that is concerned, is either in April – May (Spring) or October – November (Autumn) which are viewed as pre-rainstorm and post-storm season individually. There are less possibility of downpour and the shades of the period are going all out at these periods. 


Tragically, Everest Base Camp path is exceptionally mainstream to the point that it is practically difficult to maintain a strategic distance from swarms except if you trek in winter or go off on a side path so be ready for an inundation of visit bunches when you trek during this time. 


I did the trek in late October – November 2018 and It came down on me just a single time in my whole 15 days duration which is beyond what I could seek after. The temperature during the day is warm when the sun is out however it goes down quickly when the sun vanishes to nearly – 12°C around evening time, so ensure you get ready as needs be. 


Cost Reduction Advice For The Everest Base Camp Trek


Given the spending breakdown I composed above, there are a couple of approaches to streamline your financial plan to spare significantly more expense for your Everest Base Camp trek. Here are a couple of cost-sparing tips I wish I knew prior to doing the trek: 


Water Purification Tablets: A suppress of water there can get pricey genuine quick and there is no preferred method to spare expense over to top off your container with faucet water and cleanse it yourself. By and by, I just drank from the tap like local people manage without cleaning it and I was fine, yet of course, I was brought into the world in Bangkok. 😉 


Present to Your Own Treats: I comprehend the sentiment of needing to “Treat yo self” after a long trek like this however a Snickers bar up there can cost a leg and an arm, so it’s smarter to carry your own tidbits to treat yourself. 


Convey a 20,000 mah influence bank: Charging your gadgets cost cash up there so better carry your own capacity save money with huge limit and possibly charge a couple of times when you need it. 


Offer live with somebody: If you are voyaging solo, the most ideal approach to spare expense on convenience is to discover somebody to impart rooms to which ought to decrease the convenience cost considerably. 


Stick to veggie lover food: Stick to vegan food for what it’s worth among the least expensive food gave by the teahouses. 


Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty 


The normal strolling time is around 4 – 8 hours of the day with more limited days when you are above 4,000m. 


The path is all around voyaged, effectively traversable and requires no specialized mountaineering aptitudes aside from one section on the Chola Pass where you will stroll on a liquefying ice sheet. 


For this specific schedule, I would believe the trouble to be moderate as you will haul around 10 – 15 kg rucksack while strolling around 4 – 8 hours every day. 


The elevation is another factor to consider as this path will most likely take you higher than you have ever been (the most noteworthy point is at 5,643m) and it’s difficult to foresee how your body will respond until you are really there. 


The brilliant guideline is whenever you have arrived at the rise of 4000m, don’t scale and rest at a rise higher than 600m every day. 


Points to know in Before Trekking Everest Base Camp 


ATMs: The last working ATM machines (with powerful expenses) are in Namche Bazaar. That will be your last possibility at getting cash out prior to going through an additional 10 days in the mountains so make certain to plan enough cash for the excursion. 


Food Availability: There are an assortment of food accessible up there gratitude to high requests from mass the travel industry yet an interesting point is that meat is rare when you are up there and it probably won’t be in the best condition for utilization so it is ideal to adhere to veggie lover food. It is likewise less expensive as well! 


High Altitude Sickness: If there is even somewhat indication of height ailment manifestations, you need to inform somebody regarding it. It’s deadly to forge ahead


Purchase or Rent Hiking Gear in Kathmandu: If you are in a long outing and don’t have your climbing gear with you, you can lease or get them in Thamel locale, Kathmandu. They are less expensive and turns out completely great in the Himalayas. 


Start Early: Clouds regularly move in the early evening constantly so it is ideal to begin climbing as ahead of schedule as possible to amplify your time under the sun. 


Offer approach to Animals: Yaks and Donkeys wander the path the same number of as climbers themselves and it is imperative to offer approach to them. Remember that they don’t have the foggiest idea what is on their backs so they may unwittingly hit you with it. Remain clear and attempt to adhere to the mountain side on the off chance that you are strolling along a bluff.


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