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Kolkata’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Academy

“Digital marketing is a type of advertising that includes banner ads, text-based adverts, and mobile application commercials, as well as traditional web marketing approaches and mobile applications such as ‘push to download’ marketed content.”

Digital marketing is a relatively recent subject, with the majority of advancements and improvements occurring in the last two decades. Things have become more efficient as a result of digital marketing. It has, however, altered the way we promote products and services. Digital marketing has become the most common marketing medium among organisations as the internet and technology have advanced. It has enabled them to communicate with their customers from anywhere on the planet.

One place that is seeking for digital marketing specialists or staff is Kolkata. It is one such place with a lot of potential for digital marketing and a lot of work opportunities in the field.

Join a digital marketing school to advance your profession, and if you’re a business owner, it’s never too late to learn and incorporate these methods into your plans.

Kolkata offers the following digital marketing academy:

1. Academy Of Digital Marketing

Academy Of Digital Marketing is one of the most prestigious Digital Marketing Institutes in the country, offering a diverse selection of Digital Marketing courses to students from all walks of life.

In this place to go if you’re searching for a digital marketing course in Kolkata, whether you’re a student or a businessperson.

Academy Of Digital Marketing is a division of Digiad Solution Private Limited, a digital marketing firm founded in Kolkata.  is one of India’s most popular Instagram influencers, with over 230K followers.

is a certified digital marketing consultant, speaker, and author who works as a digital marketer. He has taught and directed over a million people in the marketing field, many of whom have gone on to become experts in their fields.

The purpose of Academy Of Digital Marketing was to give students an agency-style learning experience with a lot of hands-on experience.

Every class is divided into groups, with each group charged with integrating their information in an agency-style manner.

The major purpose of Academy Of Digital Marketing was to introduce students to a learning environment modelled around an agency. Each Academy Of Digital Marketings Course batch has a maximum of 30 students, ensuring that each student obtains the right mix of skills and material, as well as meeting their specific needs throughout the learning process. Anyone, regardless of location, can enrol in Academy Of Digital Marketing’s online classes. Each topic is led by an expert in the online course, which is given as a live session. These instructors are industry experts who have honed their skills in their respective fields.

Each module concludes with an unique question-and-answer session or a doubt-clearing session in addition to the regular meetings.

Mobile: +91 629 044 5044
Address: Room No.: 3C
3rd Floor, Vasudeva Building
1 Iswar Ganguly Street
Kolkata- 700026
Landmark: Near Kalighat Metro Gate No. 1

2. Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi

One of the leading institutes in Kolkata that offers digital marketing courses is Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing. The Delhi Institute is one of Delhi’s most prestigious data marketing and data analysis institutes, having helped alter digital marketing efforts. They have accumulated enormous competence in the field of Digital Marketing with over 12 years of experience and skill. DIDM was created with the goal of giving students with the right balance of essential digital marketing methods and technologies, as well as up-to-date information. This will enhance their abilities and increase their chances of landing a job.

3. IExercise

In Kolkata, Delhi, IElevate is a well-known digital marketing training institute. This institute, which was founded in 2014, is known for having the most comprehensive digital marketing studies curriculum. They provide comprehensive digital marketing training, as well as a variety of marketing methods and technology, with a focus on digital marketing job opportunities.

4. Digi Manthan

Digi Manthan is a prominent digital marketing institute in Kolkata that offers a wide range of technical courses. This training institute opened its doors in 2010 and has since provided the best learning programmes with a digital marketing manager with years of experience. They have a highly skilled digital marketing faculty who will teach students using industry standards and a practical approach. They offer career-oriented courses and construct their curriculum at the digital marketing institute under the supervision of internet marketing industry experts.

5. Expert Training Institute

This is one of Kolkata’s well-known digital marketing institutes. For those interested in learning or entering the marketing sector, Expert Training Institute offers a well-structured course.

6. Being technologically savvy

Being Digitally is a reputable college that offers digital marketing courses in Kolkata. That will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategy at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Their faculty has worked in the marketing business, and their goal is to prepare students for the workforce.

7. The Digital Frontier

This Kolkata-based digital marketing college has designed an online marketing course that combines the greatest skills and technologies to transform students into complete digital marketing experts in no time. Working on a real-world project at the digital marketing institute will educate you how to put online marketing strategies into practise. They hire professional digital marketers with a wealth of industry knowledge and provide digital marketing training institute programmes that include a step-by-step practical approach to establishing online marketing campaigns.

8. Internet Marketing School in Delhi

It is one of Kolkata’s well-known digital marketing institutes. They provide some of the top courses available. The Delhi School of Internet Marketing provides full-fledged live classroom training for industry leaders and entrepreneurs. They have a number of locations and have completed over 930 batches.

9. Vidya Digital

In terms of Digital Marketing Courses, it is the market leader. It’s one of the most well-known Digital Marketing courses available. Because of the rising need for better digital education, the institute offers a complete curriculum. For anyone interested in learning more about digital marketing, the course is well-designed.

Those interested in enrolling in a digital marketing course in Kolkata might consider Digital Vidya because it offers an online training.

10. Zentrix, A.D.

The goal of AD Zentrix is to prepare students to become specialists in digital marketing. Their instructors have industry expertise, and their modules teach and train students to be industry-ready.

Those interested in working in the digital marketing field can find plenty of chances in Kolkata. To obtain the greatest education and training, enrol in this online digital marketing course in Kolkata from the leading colleges.

These are a few essential points to achieve your dream job after pursuing a digital marketing course. Try to practice a lot because it is the only way for you to build up a good CV and portfolio. Use websites and other social media channels, platforms to promote your skills. This will bring opportunities at your doorstep. Try to learn other skills to enhance your digital marketing career. The more talented you are, the better job you can get. A person’s talent can make him in high demand which will ensure him to get his dream job.

One place that is seeking for digital marketing specialists or staff is Kolkata. It is one such place with a lot of potential for digital marketing and a lot of work opportunities in the field.

Join a digital marketing school to advance your profession, and if you’re a business owner, it’s never too late to learn and incorporate these methods into your plans.


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