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Know which CTA color is best for you

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color

Colors play a very essential role in our lives and how we acknowledge our surroundings. Colors we surround ourselves with can influence our perspective and emotions, and also have an impact on those around us. It surely plays an important role in how we experience the world and the kind of feelings they evoke certainly plays an undeniable part in every individual.

Every color has its story

We are very particular about the color of dress we want to wear, the color of our bedroom, our office, our car and the list goes on… and why shouldn’t we, right? After all, it influences our life in so many different ways.

Let’s start with how a soothing bedroom color is important for calming effect on our mind. Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and feel refreshed but a very vibrant color for your bedroom can be distracting and can make you feel like there is too much going on.

On the other hand a bright and vibrant hall or sit out can lift up your mood immediately. Blue, white or any shade of beige is ideal for office. Also it is said, the red color for your dining hall is a good choice as it stimulates the appetite.

Likewise, green and blue has a calming effect and yellow can cheer your mood up in no time. Thus certain colors are associated with different emotions and qualities.

Color up your life

It can be said that we use different colors for different purposes like the color of our house, home decor, furniture, restaurants, office, wardrobe, clothing, logo of our brand and many such things.

But when we choose color for professional purposes, such as for business cards, advertising, logos, email signature, posters etc, it should be kept in mind that what colors would look more appealing to our customers and can easily grab their attention.

It is one of the important factors to make your presence visible like choosing a perfect colored logo can make or break your game. Its color should be something simple, elegant yet draws attention. If you see the work of a logo maker, you will find it simple yet appealing to eyes.

It’s very important to know how different colors affect feelings and choices and with little effort, care and testing we can get an idea of what color suits what purpose.

What is a Call-to-Action (CTA) button?

A CTA button is a typical link combined with text or an image that directs your page visitors to call your store or visit your website. It is designed in such a way which makes it possible to get an immediate response from a specific person of the company to hear about your grievances. Also, it is a part of an advertisement that tells your customer what they should be doing once they reach your website.

Let’s discuss which CTA color is best suited for you


It is one of the most widely used colors for official purposes, websites and software. Blue color stands for calm, trust, intelligence, responsibility and it has a serene and calming effect as well. It is one of the safest and wise options.

If we talk about the email signature, earlier, people used to mainly use blank and white for this purpose. But if we see now, most of the professional email signature generators use color schemes to make it look more attractive, blue is one the elegant and wise option, it would make your work stand out in a nice way.


Red color stands out the most in web pages. This color denotes urgency, makes its presence easily visible and stimulates people to make quick decisions. It is one of the hottest and dynamic colors that encourages action, stimulates energy and excitement. Thus, it is one of the nicest options to choose red as your CTA button.


Green is a good option if you are selling products that relate to environment, psychology and peace as it is a cooler color that symbolizes nature and the natural world. It has been found that it increases the reading ability and leads to conversion.


Yellow color signifies sunshine, hope, happiness, energy, clarity, positivity, intellect. This little warmth of this color leads people to take action and it is proven that when people are happy, they tend to buy more products, as they associate it with happiness.


Yes, it is true that sometimes the color affects results and orange is one such color that affects visual hierarchy. It is bright and stands out against the background. It has been reported to perform the best in this job.

That extra bit of guidance…

These are some of the most popular ‘Call- to-Action’ color choices that have proven to work best. It may be a little but a vital thing in getting and converting visitors. It’s always good to choose a contrast color choice for your CTA button as it would easily grab the attention of your visitors. Such as if your site is blue, you can go for orange or if your background is white you can go for red CTA button and likewise. It is best to avoid neutral colors like black, white, brown and grey CTA buttons, as they blend with the backdrop very easily and make it difficult to get noticed.

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