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5 ways to increase conversions on your website

All web pages based on a business have their ultimate goal, whether the user fills in a form, makes a purchase, subscribes to a service, or makes an appointment. The fact that a user performs one of these actions successfully is called an increase website conversion.


Increase Website Conversions

Of course, we all want to have as high an increase in website conversions as possible, but we don’t always pay attention to it or give it the effort it really deserves. Everyone agrees that getting more visits is directly proportional to achieving more sales or conversions, but what many do not realize is that it is much easier to get more sales by improving the website conversion rate.

If out of every 1000 visits we get 10 conversions (1% conversion), and our goal is to reach 30 monthly conversions, we must reach up to 3000 visits, so we will have to triple them (something normally impossible in the short term). On the other hand, if we manage to improve our percentage to 3%, we will have already achieved these 30 conversions with the same visits we had before.

Having seen the importance of the increase website conversion rate, we are going to see some tips that will help us improve it substantially:


1.    Invite to action


Do your best to make the call-to-action buttons on your website stand out from the rest of the content.

Action buttons like “Buy”, “Sign up”, “Add to Cart” or “Request an Appointment” are really what you want the customer to see, as they are what you want the customer to click.

These buttons have to be well visible and above all, they should stand out from the rest of the page design. If the color on your page is predominantly red, for example, create blue or green action buttons, as they will be visible at first glance.

Its size is also important: the bigger the better (without going overboard, of course). Eliminate the links that may distract your visitors and take them to sites that you are not interested in going to. The fewer options you give them to reach your goal, the less chance you have that the visitor will go to other sites that neither interest him, nor interest you.

2.    Reduce loading time


If you enter a website and it takes time to load, it is very likely that you will end up leaving it. In fact, according to various studies, conversions drop 1% for every 0.1-second increase in page response time, so it seems essential that your site pages load quickly.

You can improve the loading time of your pages by reducing the size of the images, cleaning the code, or eliminating elements that are not necessary. You can use different tools such as page speed that will help you to know the loading times as well as to locate the most significant improvement points.

Another advantage of reducing the loading time of your website is that Google will take this into account when positioning you in its search results. The faster a web page loads, the easier it is for it to rank high in Google search results.


3.    Build trust


Potential customers will surely want to know who they are dealing with before deciding to buy or give you their details.

Create a full “Who We Are” page. The more they know about you, the more likely they will end up converting. The e-mail and the telephone must always be clearly visible. If you can, include photos of yourself, your team, and your company.

The human component positively influences the decision-making of users. This will not only help people who want to contact you, but it also shows the client that you “exist”, that you are not a company or person who is hiding. If possible, also make a Help Chat or “Live Chat” available to your customers.

When faced with the need for a consultation, this is one of the most comfortable and fastest methods. If your company or product is advertised on TV or some other important communication medium, show it. The media is a very high source of credibility. If a website has appeared in the media (television, written press, etc.), then we automatically assign it a plus of credibility, and therefore the possibility of ending up buying increases.

Also use the logos or icon of Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Confianza Online, Seur, DHL, etc. Everyone knows these logos, if you put them on your website people will feel safer because they will see images of known elements. This also helps build confidence.

4.    Simplify the purchase


In the forms, do not ask for too much information or use “captchas”.A high percentage of abandonment is due to the fact that too much data is requested when selling something or requesting a record. Ask only what is really necessary.

If it is not essential to know the date of birth, ID, gender, or landline of the client, do not ask. The more questions the visitor sees when paying/registering, the more likely they are to get overwhelmed and leave your website.

It also simplifies the ordering system. The user must be able to buy the products they want to purchase quickly and easily, without having to waste time filling out long forms or taking too many steps. Many sales are lost due to an order system that disorients the user and leads him to give up on completing the operation.

Sometimes a few adjustments in the purchase process are enough to greatly increase the website conversion rate.


5. Add testimonials


Add testimonials to your pages, they work. Many people are afraid to buy in an online store because they do not know what to expect, or if the company they are giving their information to is not really a sham.

\Marketing expert Gary Halbert suggests replacing text-based customer testimonials with a selection of image-based testimonials. Photos of real customers help build visitor trust more than any long text. As we have already seen in the third point, a photo always generates more confidence.

And these have been the 5 tips that I consider most important to increase website conversion. Do you know other ways to increase the conversion rate? What results have you obtained applying these techniques?


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