11 tips to increase conversion on your website

The vast majority of websites exist to sell a product or service. How are your business sales? To have a good volume of visits and interactions, the website must be optimized for conversion. Thinking about that, we made a list with 11 tips so you can increase website conversion of your website more easily and without spending so much.


But before we start, what does conversion mean?

 We refer to the term conversion as the moment in which the visitor to your website becomes your customer or your lead through a click. It can be through different actions such as directly buying your product or service, signing up for your blog’s newsletter, requesting more information through a form, or downloading some free material.

If you want to know more in detail about conversions, you can read our post about the stages of inbound marketing.


Practical tips


Now that you know what conversions are on your website, we can start with the 11 tips that will help you increase them, and thus be successful with your strategies. So, we can explain how to 11 tips to increase your website or eCommerce conversion:


1.   Worry about website crease

The fold also called “the first screenshot” is everything that appears on the screen without the need to scroll down (scroll down within the web page using the mouse or fingerprints). 100% of the people who enter your website see the first screenshot. From the scroll down, the number of people who see the content drops dramatically. So, look at the visual of this first part and do not forget to place the action button or CTA, for example (buy, download, talk to a consultant) well visible in this place.


2.   Add testimonials

Today there must be hundreds of websites that sell the same thing as you. You must convince people that the product or service you are offering is very good and different from the competition; when you see a customer commenting on your product it is much more convincing.


3.   Take photos and videos

People want to see real things; they want to see something that they identify with. Images and videos attract attention much more than just text. If you can produce these images and videos in your way, you will also attract more attention than with material from a generic image bank, for example. Video customer testimonials are quite compelling, and they will surely help you increase your website conversion.

4.   Show success stories

Knowing the cases of companies that were successful using the product or service you offer is one of the best ways to inspire your visitors to become your customers. In this way, you can show what customers can achieve with the product or service you offer; it will be an example to follow.


5.   Name the advantages

As clear as some of the benefits may be, make a list of the ones that you think are important to users. This will help them analyze and decide on your product and not the competition.


6.   Offer advantages for differentiated plans

If you are going to offer your product in several ways, it offers some advantages for those who buy longer or pay a higher value, for example. Users need to feel at an advantage with the purchase. Instead of believing that they are spending, they will think that they are earning, even though they are paying for it.


7.  Show which is the most suitable plan

Offering many possibilities of choice, sometimes it is not the best idea. When in doubt, state which is the best plan. Make it clear what each item is for to prevent people from buying by mistake or abandoning after purchase. Among the plans, indicate which is the most purchased; in this way the purchasing process is more agile and with a higher success rate.


8.   In the forms, do not ask for much information

Asking your visitors to enter their details in a very long form is synonymous with abandonment in the middle of the road. It will not help increase conversion on your website. Optimize them and ask just the essentials. If you need a lot of data, try asking for it at different times, in more than one step. Leave the form quick and easy to complete.


9.   Create a Landing Page for each item

Every idea or product you want to sell deserves a page dedicated just for that function. Don’t mix up the issues; Having a landing page for each product optimizes the purchase process and you can also work on the disclosures separately because the audiences can be different.


10.   At the time of conversion, do not give a chance to distraction

Don’t offer distractions to users on landing pages or shopping cart pages. Different links can be distracting and cause the user to leave the pages without converting. Give priority to the main action and you will have much more result.


11.   Optimize the speed of your website

Studies indicate that the longer a website takes to load, the more people leave it without taking any action. Optimize the size of the website files, what you can do for example is not to upload very heavy images or videos.

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