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Know These Rules Of Different States Before Traveling By Air

Air travel has resumed in the country during the coronavirus infection and lockdown. Despite the instructions of the Center, however, many states were not in favor of starting air travel yet. Despite Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, airplanes have started flying all over the country. Not just direct, USA-India non-stop flights have started as well. But the thing is that many states have announced a variety of rules and guidelines regarding quarantine and isolation for the visiting passengers. Let’s know what the rules of states are about air passengers.

Delhi government rules for travel

If you travel to Delhi, the country’s capital by flight, then you will not have to stay in quarantine here. However, travelers without symptoms will have to monitor their health for 14 days. If any symptoms appear in them during this time, then the information will have to be given to the District Monitoring Officer or call center number 1075 immediately. At the same time, signs of corona are found in any passenger landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport, then they will be immediately separated and taken to the nearest health facility. Where they will be tested. Those people who have mild symptoms will be given Kovid-19 care centers or homes the option of isolation for the next seven days.

These are the rules in Uttar Pradesh

People travel to UP will have to stay in the home quarantine for 14 days. They will be examined again after 6 days. If the test is negative, the quarantine will be terminated. If you are coming to UP for less than a week or have to leave somewhere else, then people will have to give full information about their return ticket before exiting the airport.

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Maharashtra Government Guidelines

The Maharashtra government is also strict about the rules of air travel. Only 50 domestic aircraft are allowed to fly from Mumbai airport here. People who do not have any symptoms related to the coronavirus can also be quarantined at home. However, people coming to the city for short days can get a discount.

Entry pass required to come to Kerala

The Kerala government has made the entry pass necessary for the people traveling to the state. For this, domestic travelers have to register themselves on Those without a pass will have to live in a 14-day quarantine. If you are coming from Kerala business or any other work for only a few days, then it will not be necessary to stay in quarantine. For the convenience of passengers, buses of the Kerala Transport Department will run from Thiruvananthapuram here. With this, people can go to other districts.

Quarantine mandatory in Punjab

The government has clearly stated in its guidelines for people travel to Punjab to stay in the 14-day quarantine. CM Captain Amarinder Singh has announced that people coming to the state by plane, train or bus should stay in the house compulsorily for 14 days. Here the rapid testing team will investigate people living in the home quarantine.

The quarantine will have to be done in Himachal Pradesh

Domestic passengers coming to Himachal Pradesh will be allowed to come. They will have to undergo thermal screening. There has been a provision of 28-day quarantine here.

Will have to live on paid quarantine in Bihar

Air passengers coming to Bihar will have to stay in paid quarantine for 14 days. That is, travelers will have to spend 14 days at the government quarantine center but at their own expense. At the same time, domestic travelers have been given quarantine at home. Whereas international travelers will have to stay in government quarantine. 

Soren government directive in Jharkhand

Hemant Soren’s government in Jharkhand has also announced guidelines regarding air travel. People coming here will have to stay in their house for 14 days in quarantine.

Chhattisgarh Government Guidelines

In Chhattisgarh, people without symptoms will also have to stay in quarantine for 14 days. However, they will have the freedom to choose where they want to stay, home, or hotel.

Uttarakhand government rules

Passengers flying in Uttarakhand will have to spend ten days in government quarantine. After that on the advice of health officials, the home can be sent for quarantine.

Affidavit to be given in Goa

All passengers coming to Goa will have to give an affidavit at the airport itself. If there is any symptom in an air passenger on the flight. So he will be sent for a test and quarantine.

14 days quarantine in Tamil Nadu

According to the guidelines of the Government of Tamil Nadu, thermal screening of all the passengers coming here will be done. All people at the airport have to follow social distancing. People coming to the state will have to live in a 14-day quarantine.

Know what is the rule for travel in Karnataka

Looking at other states of the country, the Government of Karnataka has also given many guidelines for its state. Here 7 days of government quarantine will be necessary for people coming from Maharashtra, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu.

This is the traveling rule in Manipur

Thermal screening of passengers coming by plane in Manipur will be done. Passengers who do not see any symptoms will be sent for home quarantine. At the same time, those who get symptoms will be sent in isolation.

Permission will be given to visiting Rajasthan, but…

If you are coming to Rajasthan by flight, then it is very important for you to know the rules here. All passengers landing at Jaipur airport will have to stay in the 14-day home quarantine. But if you are coming from business-related work and people whose reports have come negative, they will be allowed to roam after seven days.

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