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Is Textured Hair Restoration Treatment Effective for Hair Loss?

Hair loss restoration can be done on any hair type. The hair can be either thick, curly, or straight hair. Los Angeles hair restoration clinics have experts who specialize in hair loss treatments. Any method you go for will give you satisfactory results.

Los Angeles hair restoration clinics perform surgeries on all hair types. The surgeon will have to consider the texture of the hair. The reason is r individual’s hair restoration goals. Textured hair will need more strict procedures compared to straight hair. Textured hair should be handled with extreme care so that the results will look natural.

Advantages of Textured Hair Transplantation

· After the surgery, textured hair will yield a large amount of thick hair.
· The results of this procedure are long-term, and many patients enjoy their natural hair.
· There are no automatic challenges because each patient has his or her unique challenges. The unique features of each hair follicle are the ones that will tell how much-textured hair should be transplanted.
· Both FUE and FUT methods can be used to restore textured hair loss. The patient will choose the way he or she prefers.
· The recovery period is concise. You can report to work the next day after the surgery.
· The side effects of this process are minimal.
· If you choose FUE hair transplant for your textured hair, you will not have visible scars.
· In case of any side effects, you can be treated because they are mild.
Dr. Cohen is the best surgeon for textured hair in Los Angeles. He will be able to answer your questions and concerns without hesitating.
Dr. Cohen will make you understand everything about texturing before you undergo surgery. Understanding these options will make you feel at ease during the surgery.

How Textured Hair Restoration Surgeries work

The doctor will use modern methods such as FUE or FUT to perform the surgery. In these methods, hair follicles will be removed from the donor area. The donor area is always the back of the scalp. The FUE method is the best because it does not involve cutting the skin, which leads to scarring.

The harvested hair follicles will be placed so that a natural hair density and thickness are achieved. The outcome of this procedure will be a head full of natural hair. You can consider both FUE and FUT to see the one that is fit for you.

Determining Hair Graft Density

To get the actual density and thickness of hair during hair transplant is essential. By use of microsurgical technique, the expert can achieve the best results. These results are always natural, and you cannot see the difference between the transplanted hair and the existing ones.

Los Angeles hair restoration experts will give you the best results. Arranging the donor’s hair is essential because it helps to create a natural hairline. It also ensures that the scalp is well covered for the best results.

How long it takes for the Implanted Hair to Thicken and Blend

During the recovery period, you may start to experience some problems with the thickness of your hair. This is a normal process because the hair follicles have to go through a complete growth circle. The result of this procedure will be seen in about a year. At that time, the hair follicles will have gone over a full growth circle. The results, afterward, will be thicker and healthy hair.

Concerns About the Hair Texture

The texture of your hair will not change after the surgery. And will not be altered because the Amino acid is the one that determines the surface of your hair. You can also improve the texture of your hair after the surgery. Improving the texture of your hair will enhance your appearance.


Textured can also be treated like any other hair. If you are losing hair that is textured, make sure to consider treatment. Los Angeles hair restoration clinics are the best, and the surgeons there are experienced. After the surgery, the result will be perfect.

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