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How Eyebrow Restoration is Working for Hair Regrowth?

Your eyebrows play a vital role in completing your facial beauty and overall appearance. Without them, you will look weird. In some cases, a person may lack eyebrow hair not because they don’t want them but because they are suffering from some form of hair loss. Hair loss doesn’t only affect the scalp but also the face where beards and eyebrows refuse to grow. If you find yourself in this predicament, you should know that there are several ways to treat hair loss. Today, we are going to look at how you can restore hair in your eyebrow area. 

When faced with hair loss in the eyebrow area, two techniques are available to treat this condition. They include hair transplant procedures and PRP injection therapy. Before opting for any eyebrow treatment procedure, you first need to consult your doctor to know which of these two methods work well for you. 

PRP for Eyebrow Restoration 

In PRP injection, the doctor extracts platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood and injects it into the eyebrow area. The doctor responsible for this therapy will first draw the patient’s blood and put it in a centrifuge machine. By spinning the blood rapidly using this machine, three layers will form in the blood sample. They include the red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma, and platelet-poor plasma. 

Since platelet-rich plasma is the blood compound responsible for cell generation and regrowth, the doctor will draw the fluid and inject it into the patient’s brow area suffering from hair loss. The platelets from the fluid will help hair grow in thickness since it has several growth factors. 

However, one setback of using PRP to restore your hair is that you will require several touch up treatments to make it last. Another drawback is that you need sufficient platelet-rich plasma in your blood for the technique to work effectively. The doctor will examine your blood and notify you if you have enough platelets in your blood. If the platelet level isn’t enough, you can also try another method of eyebrow restoration. This method is called the eyebrow hair transplant procedure. 

The Eyebrow Transplant Procedure 

In the eyebrow transplant procedure of hair restoration, hair follicles are removed from areas where healthy hair grows, and implants in the brow area are experiencing hair loss. This is a procedure that may or may not require surgery. The FUE eyebrow transplant method doesn’t need surgery, and the procedure takes place in the doctor’s clinic or office. The doctor will start by shaving and apply local anesthesia to numb the donor area. After that, he will then start extracting hair follicles that need to be transferred in the brow area. In the FUE eyebrow transplant procedure, follicles are removed one by one using a punching device that cuts around each follicle. After that, the doctor will then make tiny holes to implant the hair follicles. When he is done with that, he will place the hair follicles one by one into these tiny holes. The patient will then go home for healing to take place. Recovery usually takes days since the area is quite small. In the FUSS method, the doctor will remove a strip of skin containing hair follicles in the donor area and place it in the brow area, unlike the FUE technique where follicles are removed one by one. The problem with this technique is that it will leave a scar. Both the FUSS and FUE hair transplant procedures will give you a permanent and more natural look compared to eyebrow pigmentation for hair loss. 

To help you make an informed choice of hair loss treatment, it is important that you consult your doctor first. After the procedure, the doctor will tell you how to take care of the brow area before it fully recovers. 


No one wants to be affected by any medical conditions. However, sometimes they happen, and it seems you have no control over them. The best way to deal with it is to seek proper medical treatments. The doctor will help you decide which between eyebrow pigmentation and eyebrow transplant treatments will work out best for you. 

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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) is a world class clinic committed to relieving their patients of suffering from hair loss, with innovative surgical and non surgical techniques.

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