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Is CNIC and NTN number same?

No, the CNIC and NTN numbers are two different numbers. The CNIC is a 13-digit number that consists of the first three parts of a five-part section that gives different demographic information and the second part is his family number and the last part represents your gender group.

But the NTN number is completely different this number has two digits and is 8 digits. The NTN number is generated sequentially.
CNIC and NTN have been different numbers but the FBR has announced that from the 2018-18 financial year they will both be equal.

The announcement to include in the CNIC as NTN figures in effect from the last fiscal year 2018 – 19, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) are all set to use the details of companies to extend the tax base, it is read. The Federal Board of Revenue has said NADRA has issued CNIC numbers to NTN (National Tax Number) for all Pakistanis and anyone who submits tax forms can use his CNIC instead of NTN issued by Fbr.

However, if you want to know your NTN number, please click on How to Check NTN number.

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