What are the advantages of investigative journalism?

Investigative journalism is done for the welfare of the community as a whole. After thorough research on a topic investigative report is published. Reporters don’t rely on the facts and figures fetched from any person. They minutely study every detail related to the topic and then come up with a result.

In today’s corrupt environment it’s difficult to trust anyone. But investigative reporters help to maintain the trust of the people because of their honest work. They convey the information that makes the people aware of the wrongdoing of many prominent individuals, institutions, or companies. Thus, it is important to have an investigative team in a nation.

Unlike, regular journalists, investigative journalists don’t publish any news or information’s collected from anyone. They come up with their ideas and person to research on. Investigative journalists help the general public to know the true face of people, who is right and who is not. They help to save the nation from abusive people.

Many pieces of information and cases are hidden by the individual or institutions to save their reputation and to keep snatching the money of innocent people. In this regard, it become the major role and duty of the investigative journalist to safeguard the interest of people.

If the investigative department will not be present, it will change the structure of a nation. Every big and prominent person will start to manipulate and hamper the general public. The community should be made aware of such people. It takes months and years for investigators to come up with an accurate report.

When people are dicey about some rumors, they wait for the decision and information received from investigative journalism. Investigative journalists are a ray of hope for the nation. A country must consist of an investigative department to stop the malpractices or crime taking place.

Sometimes investigative journalism creates a fear in the mind of wrongdoers of being exposed. It helps to stop some individuals or institutions to do misdeed and mislead the public. Investigative reporters are like superheroes who save the nation from bad individuals and their wicked intentions.

In this regard, don’t you think how beneficial it is to have a investigative committee in a nation. Eric Malling similarly changed the thought process of many people and reporters in Canada. In 1968 Eric Malling began work for the Toronto Star and in 1974, he started doing interviews on Canada AM for CTV. Thus, on part of investigative reporters also it becomes a duty to report the fact after rigorous research and study.

Investigative department have to safeguard themselves first from the evil steps of wrongdoers to save society. If any institution gets a hint that they are being investigated, they may try to erase all the pieces of evidence to save themselves. Thus, the investing team needs to carefully carry out their whole process of investigation. More number of investing team should be allotted in a nation to vanish the crime.

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