iPhone Battery Replacement: Can You Replace Battery Yourself?

When you buy an iPhone, you always expect it to perform at the highest level. It is because, you have spent a lot of money, and it is an Apple product – so in your mind, its components cannot get damaged from wear and tear. It is a wrong assumption. The performance of the iPhone too becomes sluggish over time, especially because of its old battery. If it is a battery-related problem, you can get it fixed by going for the iPhone battery replacement. It does not take more than a couple of hours to install a new one. Once it is done, your beloved device will again begin to perform as good as new. 


You might experience battery issues after two or three years of using your iPhone, as it is a consumable item that has a limited lifespan. A dying battery drains faster than usual, and you will have to recharge it frequently. It slows down the performance of your device as well. If not replaced on time, your device may not turn on after a period of time. 


Unlike the other components, it is much easier to do the iPhone battery replacement. But it is not so easy that you should consider doing it yourself. As the iPhone comes with a non-removable battery, replacing it is a bit complicated. So, it is best to look for technicians who are known for top-quality iPhone repairs.


Here are a few reasons why you should seek the help of technicians and not do it yourself.


You lack expertise: Expertise is crucial when it comes to iPhone repair. It comes from years of experience and training. If you have no experience, then do not try to replace the battery by yourself. At the same time, you cannot count on online DIY tutorials to make you an expert on battery replacement, as they do not offer you hands-on experience or training. 


You do not have the right tools: You cannot open your iPhone for battery replacement using screwdrivers. You need tools that are specifically designed by the company. Most people do not possess such equipment. Technicians, on the other hand, are well-equipped. This enables them to efficiently open your iPhone, take out old and install the new battery. And, they can do this within an hour. 


You might Damage Other Parts: As a first-timer, you are most likely to tap into the trial-and-error method to replace your iPhone battery. This can cause significant damage to other components of your device. If you plan to use your iPhone for a long time, it is best to take the help of professionals who can replace the battery right the first time.




You cannot trust yourself when it comes to iPhone battery replacement. Always take the help of experienced and well-trained repair technicians. They have the right skills and tools that are necessary to do an effective battery replacement job. You can find them at a reputable third-party iPhone repair centre.

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