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Carpet Care in 7 Easy to Follow Steps

Various carpet shops in Karachi sell high quality and branded carpets to local customers as well as international customers.

The carpet price in Pakistan varies from city to city and also differs in quality and designs.

Carpet care is a very important task and people need to be very careful when taking care of their carpet flooring.

Around 80% of the dirt that enters a house or an apartment is dry. The rest of the 20% is oils and starches. Keeping a carpet clean will broaden its life while keeping it new for a more drawn out timeframe. Spotless carpet flooring will decrease household allergies and dust and will help in protecting the health of the family.

Here are seven easy to follow steps for carpet care.

1. vacuuming

If you want to use your carpet for a long time this is the best and easiest way for you, and it is recommended that you buy a good vacuum cleaner so that it can remove all the unwanted things or stuff from the carpet thoroughly. And this will automatically reduce the risk of polluting air quality in your house. You just need to make sure that your vacuum is equipped with all the latest features so that you can make the most of this procedure.

2. Removing spills

To take good care of your carpet, you need to remove any spills or stains from your carpet immediately as the stain get dry it will be almost impossible for anyone to clean that carpet so that is why it is recommended to clean the carpet immediately for more longer use.

3. Using baking soda

Most of the time you might experience some kind of bad odor from your carpets and this can occur from any sort of stuff like food leftovers, waste or rubbish. To get rid of the smell very quickly and effectively, you can use baking soda while cleaning the carpet, and applying it to the affected area will help you get rid of the smell very quickly.

4. Using hydrogen peroxide

This product is another effective way of cleaning your carpet, it can remove any stains that have been there for a longer period. This product should be used cautiously and you should adhere to all the instructions present on the bottle so that there aren’t any problems while using this product.

5. Steam

Sometimes using a vacuum cleaner is not enough because some dirt has made its way through the bottom and can not be cleaned through a vacuum. Using a steam cleaner will allow you to steam your carpet with pressurized water regularly, steaming will help you clean a huge amount of dirt and dust that has settled in the carpet so that the quality and life of the carpet can be maintained effectively.

6. Laundry

Another easy tip available for you, if you are not fond of cleaning your stuff on your own you can simply take it to the laundry people and let them clean it for you, this will help you maintain the quality of the carpet, and since they are professionals they will clean the carpet thoroughly and some companies even have the option of door to door pickup so you can just call them and relax at your couch while they do your work for you.

7. Drying

If you plan to use your carpet for a long time and cannot afford to buy a new one now and then you need to dry your carpet regularly, it can be done easily through a dry towel or a machine dryer and this is very important since there are chances of mold growing underneath the carpet if it is not dried properly.

There are many carpet shops in Karachi which can provide you these kinds of services easily although the carpet cleaning price may vary with the size and the quality of your product.


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