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Interior House Design

Interior design styles and trends have now considerably changed in the last few years. The emergence of new building approaches and design has prompted amazing design ideas, solutions, and improvements. These decor and design innovations have raised the importance of interior design.

Mirrors and Smoke

Most people think that mirrors are just there, in the house, to show us their reflections. But interior designer London knows that mirrors can be used differently to enhance room beauty. Specifically, mirrors reflect and catch the light to generate the impression of more area. Knowing this, it could be tempting to place floor-to-ceiling mirrors in every room of the home. But big mirrors can be costly, so they must be used wisely and sparingly.

A professional designer can check the natural lighting in the space and find the perfect mirror-placements. If installed wisely, the mirror must ‘open up’ the room and generate a sense of more room space. An expert designer on a tight budget can create a ‘mirror gallery’ with some discounted thrift store mirrors. The gallery theme should complement the general appearance of the space. If wall space is abundant, for instance, you can hang an eclectic mixture of mirrors on the walls. For more compact areas, paint the various mirror frames one color, to give them a contemporary look and feel.

Space-saving loft beds – Many new housing developments and compact condos have been built in Australia in the last decade. In that time, talented interior designers have introduced a range of crafty space-saving measures. Among them, the modern loft bed is a hands-down winner.

The loft bed concept first found favor among designers that are working with lofty industrial spaces. When you are working with super high ceilings and open-plan living, the idea makes ideal sense. But the loft bed is now a common space-saving solution – even when vertical space is restricted. By building in loft bed structures, designers can utilize the area under the loft bed for office space or storage.

Wall-to-wall space adjustments

Modern developments often have limited space for buildings. New homes rarely have the linen closets, massive pantries, and walk-in robes of ancestor’s properties. However, our built-in storage capacity is restricting, we still require space to stash the worldly possessions. So expert interior designers have come up with some crafty solutions.

The solution to the ever-growing storage problem is there, such as – on the walls. The current designer can convert otherwise barren wall surfaces into nifty, good-looking storage spaces. Wall-mounted shelving is trendy, and bookcases can be built into alcoves and under staircases.

Develop the illusion of high ceilings – Not all properties or rooms are blessed with the high ceilings’ luxury. But professional interior designers have several techniques for making average-height ceilings seem loftier than they are. For starters, low-profile furniture is a great idea. It occupies comparatively less physical space and makes the distance between the ceiling and the furnishings seem much more significant. When combining low-profile furniture with highly hung curtains, the roof will appear much higher. When drapes extend past the top of the window frame to the ceiling, they ‘stretch’ the height of the walls.

Paint rooms in light colors – Having light-colored walls is the easiest interior design idea you can do. Paint your room with bright colors to make it seem larger than it is, as well as to produce the optical illusion of room space. Make sure you have an abundance of natural light to prevent the room from having a darker shade.

Use area rugs to decorate hardwood floors.  Area rugs, for example, can provide fun and functionality to your home. Utilize some area rugs to add texture, color, and personality to your hardwood floors.

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