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Date ideas to impress your better half in Penang

Honeymoon Trip To Malaysia

Penang is a state in Malaysia that comprises of the Penang Island and the Seberang Perai, making it the second smallest state in Malaysia. The capital city of George Town has been regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the immense architectural marvels and historic artefacts that it holds. Apart from a bit of culture, you can also look forward to a plethora of food options to choose from like Asian food and also seafood considering that it is an island destination.

If you are planning your honeymoon vacation to Malaysia, make sure you add Penang as a must-visit location. Speaking of honeymoon, wouldn’t it be romantic to set up a date on the beautiful island of Penang? Here are a few date options for you and your significant other which will make your vacation in Penang a memorable one.

Welcome the sunrise at Straits Green

Watching a sunrise while holding your partner’s hands sounds romantic right? The both of you can witness a mesmerizing sunrise at Straits Quay between 6:30 a.m and 8:00 a.m. in the morning. The entire promenade welcomes the hues of the sunrise and this could probably be the perfect timing to click the best snap of the both of you! Do not miss out on this romantic location while planning a date with your loved one.

Witness the sunset on Batu Ferringhi Beach

We cannot leave out a sunset when we talk about sunrise, can we? The Batu Ferringhi Beach is an ideal spot to view the sunset of Penang. As you go for an evening stroll along the shores of the beach, revisit your love story once again as the waves gently caress your feet. After reminiscing your love story amidst the beautiful sunset, pay a visit to the restaurant located in close proximity to the beach, and taste some authentic seafood of Penang.

Get enticed at Entopia Butterfly Farm

If you or your partner do not have a fear of butterflies, then the Entopia butterfly farm is sure to steal your partner’s heart. This place houses close to 15,000 varieties of butterflies in addition to different plant species which makes the entire place extremely picturesque. As you watch the butterflies going about their daily business of collecting nectar from the plants in the Entopia butterfly farm, spend some quiet moments in the company of your partner which you will cherish for times to come.

Hog on a delicious dinner at the Ferringhi Garden Restaurant

The perfect date is not complete without the perfect food. If your partner is a foodie, a classic dinner at the Ferringhi Garden Restaurant is a must-try. With authentic seafood and Asian cuisines like noodles and dim sums, you are sure to impress your better half. As the age-old saying goes, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! The ambience of Ferringhi Garden Restaurant is sure to leave you awestruck as the dim lighting and set up of the restaurant would make it seem like it has been taken straight out of a Hollywood movie.

Sing along to the live music at China House

This is typically a place to relax and unwind with your partner if you prefer delving into the local culture. At China House, you will be able to listen to a range of foot-tapping numbers from styles like Pop, Jazz, and Rock music. You can also sip on some coffee and snacks authentic to Penang while enjoying the music at China House. Want to take the romance a notch higher? You can always dedicate a romantic number to your partner and with the live performers singing for the both of you, you are sure to have found your way to the heart of your better half.

Glow in the dark at Avatar Garden

The Avatar Garden screams the “extra” from all the ordinary date options which you might find in Penang. Ever since James Cameron’s film made a mark in the film industry, an Avatar-like setup seems like the ideal spot for a Romantic Getaway. With fairy lights gracing the trees and giving a pink, purple and bluish appearance to the entire atmosphere, this is a great spot to end your romantic date and probably make the big move with the perfect ring!

Try out all these different date options if not one of them. Be rest assured that your partner will feel that, the day was ethereal and both of you will remember it as an important day for the rest of your lives. So go ahead, start planning your romantic date idea and surprise your partner on account of your anniversary or wedding or even just to rekindle your romance. You really don’t need a reason to celebrate your love right? Go ahead and look at our Malaysia honeymoon packages for romantic honeymoon. Need assistance in planning the best Romantic Getaway? This is where trusted travel companies like Pickyourtrail come into the picture and help you with the choicest of Malaysia itineraries that you can customise according to your interests. Happy romancing!

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