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Important Questions You Will Need To Ask if You Are Considering Solar for Your Home

Solar companies Tampa offer great deals to homeowners interested in lowering their energy bills. However, it’s essential to do your research before installation. As you consider your options, keep the following questions in mind.

Is Solar Right for My Home?

Solar panels work with a variety of rooftops. They’re most effective on the south-facing side, but other configurations also generate electricity.

One thing to consider before scheduling installation is your roof’s condition. Once the panels are in place, you won’t have direct access to the roof. If you need to repair or replace your rooftop, you’ll need to temporarily move the panels, which is expensive and inconvenient.

If your roof is old, you may want to replace it before installing solar panels, especially if it has asphalt shingles. That said, your current roof may outlast solar panels, which generally need replacing every 25 years. Certain roofing materials are incredibly long-lived, which means you won’t need to replace them during the life of your system:

  • Slate tiles: over 50 years
  • Clay tiles: over 50 years
  • Concrete tiles: over 50 years
  • Metal roofing: up to 50 years
  • Composite shingles: up to 50 years

The good news is that solar panels can extend the life of your roof. They shield shingles from wind, water and sunlight, decreasing the risk of damage.

Is My Electricity Bill Expensive Enough To Go Solar?

If you’re planning to add solar panels Florida, it’s likely to combat the intensely hot and humid summers. Running the AC is a must during muggy days, but it can make your energy bill skyrocket. Solar panels alleviate some of that burden, allowing you to keep your home climate-controlled without paying hundreds of dollars a month.

What if your electricity bill isn’t that high? Is it still worth installing solar panels? It may well be.

The federal government offers a tax credit to homeowners who install solar panels. The credit is 30% of the system’s cost, which is significant, as the price can range between $10,000 and $30,000, depending on the square footage. Once installed, the savings on your energy bill will eventually pay for the system.

Can I Store Electricity From My Solar Panels?

Yes, you can store electricity generated by solar panels. To do so, you’ll need a battery.

Batteries can be a great investment in Florida, as they can supply power when the grid is down. Natural disasters may damage transformers or take down power lines, leaving entire cities in darkness. A battery can keep essential appliances running until your area regains power.

These systems aren’t just great for emergencies — they can also boost your home’s value. Solar panels are technically upgrades, meaning they automatically add value, and many homebuyers like the idea of lower energy bills. A higher selling price is yet another way solar panels end up paying for themselves in the long run.

Installing Tampa solar panels isn’t just good for your wallet — it’s also great for the environment. Solar power is renewable, and incorporating it into your energy usage lowers your carbon footprint. If you care about sustainability and want to keep household expenses low, solar panels are an incredible option.

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