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Importance of logo design elements for your brand

Designing a logo isn’t an easy task. In this modern era, companies are highly concerned about their image to survive in this competitive world. For that logo is considered to be one of the best options to look after.

Every brand wants to have a dominating online presence which helps them to capture the attention of the people. Logo is the foundation of the visual identity of the brand which helps to make a great first impression.

If you want higher user traffic towards your brand then make sure that your professional logo design is recognizable and unique. Simple yet elegant custom logo design has power to recognize your company uniquely in the market.

There are a lot of design elements which designers need to take care while crafting a logo. So, let’s discuss those.

1. Colors

Color is the most integral part of the logo. It must be chosen wisely so that it looks appealing in the logo. Colors can evoke feelings and emotions which helps to engage more people with your brand.

Each color has a different meaning behind it which is called the psychology of it. Such as red denotes passion, aggressiveness whereas white denotes innocence, cleanliness, faith and much more. So, understand the meaning of the colors before using it.

You can use more than one color as well which is called as gradient effects. But for that you must have knowledge of combination of colors.

2. Fonts

Another important design element which makes your logo even more appealing. Selection of fonts is crucial as it must match with the professionalism of the brand. It must be stylish and legible enough in a small screen as well. For that you can take help of the logo design company, they have great knowledge of it.

It’s a most observed element among others as people would first see the name of the brand. You can use single or more fonts in the custom logo design but it must be relevant to each other or from the same category.

3. Scalable

One of the most important points which you need to take care while making professional logo design. Your logo should fit in every size without losing its originality. It may be possible that it can be used in small stationery items and even in the big posters, in both the places the logo must be appealing.

For the promotional activity purpose you may need to put your custom logo design in various places. It Includes business card, website, letterhead and many more places.

4. Negative space

You should not ignore the significance of the negative space in the logo. Designers may not utilize it effectively due to lack of awareness of it but when used it can help you to convey the brand’s message in an interesting manner.

It can be active white space and passive white space. A clever use of it makes people think about what you’re trying to say and that’s a positive sign. You may have seen a lot of custom logo design with negative space like FedEx, NBC and many more.

Wrapping up

Therefore, there are a lot of design elements but the attractiveness of it depends on how you use it. Your brand’s logo must be unique than others to shine out in the crowd and capture the attention of the people. The clever use of above-mentioned points will help you while designing.

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Andrew Simon is a content and branding specialist working with a renowned Logo design company ProDesigns that assures an accurate and consistent brand message that is delivered to the audience. He loves to explore the latest technologies and trends.

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