How social media is transforming logo design

In this digital age, the rise of social media and the growing penetration of smartphones made various businesses to design their logo social media friendly. People consume a lot of content from social media. Social media platforms can lead you to potential customers and you may get business opportunities too. These days logos are designed in tiny sizes with a clear and concise look to make it compelling. So, in this regard, Designviva has explained in this article how social media is renovating logo design.

The need for scalable logos

Logos were designed for too small sizes even before the advent of social media but that was mainly for websites, shops exterior, packaging, email signatures, and so on. The need to design such small-sized logos were not important for maintaining brand identity. Nowadays almost everybody is on social media and possesses smartphones. Smartphones are widely used to access social media so with this the need for super tiny sizes logos has increased immensely. This is being done to make an impact on the niche audience over social media. 

To make the logo recognizable on small devices like smartphones the sizes of logos must be around 8 millimeters. This standard small size is enough compelling to create an effect. It has become extremely important to design according to social media sites as they have turned to business generating platforms. Currently, more precise and enticing logos are being created to make it more credible. People on social media tend to glide through a post on their newsfeed so if your logo can hold the attention then you can earn a lot of potential customers. Social media aids you to reach a mass audience with an identity of this magnitude.

Logos are designed with the essential features of adaptability and modifiability 

Social media engagements are increasing rapidly so to make your logo communicate and engage with its target audience it can be changed instantly at any point in time. This aspect of great adaptability aids to raise awareness for different situations, topics, and ideas. There is also a framework developed for this known as ‘Logo Systems’. It is an alterable framework that allows mutation keeping the basic elements certain and thus logos are being designed in this form. An interesting example to cite this feature is the logo of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Just by changing her Twitter icon to a variant of its logo, it was able to draw the attention of the audience towards the political issues, ideas, and events. Thus, creating a sense of power and influence.

Make it versatile

To make it effective and winning over social media and Designviva suggests you design a logo whose graphics and texts are not intertwined and connected collectively. Design it to make it capable enough to be used in different ways and situations.

Keep it simple

Simple does not mean minimalist! Just do not complicate the logo design as it can fall flat. By just adding fewer aspects, great use of negative space, smart use of typefaces, and typography you can create a smart and clear logo. Complex design confuses the customer, and it takes a longer time to process in their minds. Simplicity also promotes the memorability of your logo. The simpler your logo is the more recognizable it will be. 

No need to convey a story

Few elements, colors, and smart choice of fonts can simply make your logo look bewildering. If you want to win over social media then strive for simplicity, creativity, and professionalism. No need to make it meaningful as you have only a few seconds to grab the attention of your niche audience.

Be consistent and relevant

Use one character or aspect of your logo and it will never fail you! After creating a character of a logo try to be consistent. As your audience will come across the same icon again and again it will create a strong connection. The frequent occurrence of your brand will ensure its relevance. Just focus on enhancing it.

Do not put too much

You do not need to put a lot of elements, colors, fonts to the logo. Research well! Design the logo to make it unique, simple, effective, professional. Make it captivating! Study your niche and their interests very extensively.

Pessimistic response

After the launch of your logo on social media you may get a lot of opinions from your niche audiences and stakeholders. These feedbacks circulate globally. Positive ones are winning but negative feedback can create pressure. The various businesses have designed their logo as per social media popularity. If you have a business logo and have decided to take it on social media but are hesitant to change it then you can approach the hybrid way. You can update your logo to become social media-friendly preserving all the basic elements which have strengthened brand recognition.


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