Importance of English in professional Life

Importance of English in Professional Life

English is an important part in everyone’s life whether in professional life or personal life. English is language like any other language like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Urdu, etc. All languages have its own importance but sometime it happened people knows only their state language and when they go to other state they find it difficult to speak in their language and in their communication.

So people are now knows how to speak in their state language and English, as English is the language which can be speak by most of the people so if a person in other state do not know language of that state then English can be spoke and communication can be better done with two people.

Similarly it happened in professional life for an example sales person who knows English can pitch its products and services very well to its customers who understand English language. So communication between the two people is possible if they know each other language and  English has importance in job career.

English is not necessary in a corporate world but is important for an employee to know how to speak in English. Communication does not mean that you must know English but it means that the other person is able to understand what you are saying and can revert it back in the same way this is known as a communication success. Fluency in English is a important to succeed in life as wherever you go English is used so English must be know to each individual who are in corporate or looking to start his career in jobs or top Multi National  companies.

Companies Requirement

As in Multinational companies or in big offices conferences , webinars , sessions all are held in English language so for that to understand it a candidate must knows English and able to understand thoroughly. Even whenever you go to give interview whether applying for b school, internships or jobs , recruiters see your English communication, how you speak , fluency in English language, and if you are able to make your sentence right in English so that the other person is able understand and with that you can further communicate.

With knowing English language you feel confident, can take part in anything, can speak infront of others, and feel like you stays in society with equal level and importance like others this amount of worth English language has.

When a non english speaker comes in a developed city to find jobs in delhi, jobs in mumbai , jobs in bangalore etc, he faces many problem first problem is English as that person is not habitual in english language , and other part is new environment of that cities. To start his career in corporate world or to go for a job. He first needs to work on its English language by reading articles daily, news , through it English will also improve and current affairs knowledge will also increase. Try to practice speak in English on regular basis. Go through various blogs, tips to improve in English on internet etc.

Second thing to choose your profile and sector in which he wants to go , along with English brush up your technical knowledge also , as English is on different path in offices but technical knowledge is also important if you have both the thing then it is the best in corporate world but neither English nor technical knowledge in enough for it.

New Changes 

New changes will give new challenges and opportunities that arise in this big cities and working in top MNCs so learn as much as you can from it and learn from your mistakes and past experience knowledge apply it in future which will really help you in growing corporate world. As experience plays a big role in this field.

Therefore, English is a part in achieving your goal and not the destination so learn as much as you can in your path towards success. And build your personality which shows you different from others. As recruiters looks one that thing in you which can add value to the organization and help in growth of the company along with your individual growth. At last English language along with technical skills builds the best combination.

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