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Health and Fitness

How to Start A Fitness Blog

A lot of fitness blog enthusiasts like to start with generic niches. It is not a bad deal to write about your take on virtually all the niches in blogging, but there is nothing more satisfying than niche blogging. In light of this, one interesting niche is the Fitness Niche. In the course of this article, we would be walking you through how to start a fitness blog and make money.

Without much mouthing, let us delve in.

What is a Fitness Blog?

A fitness blog can also be said to be a micro-niche blog that focuses on all things related to the physical well-being of humans. It any website that shares an expert opinion that is related to fitness and wellness. Most fitness bloggers follow different paths to visually relaying their information to their audience. A fitness blogger can choose List blogging, How-to articles, response posts as their blogging style.  There are so many interesting topics that can be beneficial to any fitness blog readership. Some of such topics can range from training techniques, dietary supplements, and nutrition tips.

Practical Steps on How to Start a Fitness Blog

In subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at practical steps that need to be taken to start your fitness blog.

  • Picking a Unique name for your fitness blog
  • Discovering your Fitness Blog Niche of Interest
  • Getting Keywords to write on
  • Building Your Blog with a CMS
  • Creating content for your blog
  • Monetizing your fitness blog


#1. Picking a Unique Name For Your Fitness Blog

The first step to opening a fitness blog is to pick a name that it would be identified with. Most bloggers prefer to use their names to represent their fitness blogs. While others go for the traditional approach of coining a name that interprets the micro-niche of the blog. There is online software that you can use to generate domain names for your fitness blog. If you do not trust online software that uses algorithms to generate domain names, you can ask your family and friends. You can never tell where you can draw inspiration for your blog name.


#2. Discovering your Fitness Blog Niche of Interest

It was one thing to write about Fitness blogging in general, it is another thing to specify in a Fitness Micro-niche. If fitness blogging is your passion, and you want to start your own online business, then a fitness niche is the best market for your social media channels and blog.  General Fitness niche blogging can be very competitive. Therefore, the best approach that would ensure your success is to niche down.

Here is a list of some of the most lucrative fitness blog niche that you can delve into today:

  • Fitness Trends
  • Gym fitness
  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness technology
  • Family fitness
  • Fitness Affiliate Programs
  • Fitness accessories and clothing

#3. Getting Keywords To Write On

In blogging, a keyword is any phrase or word, or sentence that is used in making queries to search engines. After getting a name and choosing a niche for your fitness blog, the next big step is to get keywords to write on. These are what your fitness blog would rank for in search engines.

There is a technical approach as to how to discover keywords that you want to write about in your fitness blog. Well, we would not bug you with too much technicality in this write.

Keyword research would help you to find keywords to write for in your fitness blog. You do not need to bother about the technical approach to this, as there are a ton of free tools that you can use to perform keyword research.

#4. Building your Blog with a CMS

The next practical step in kick-starting your Fitness blog is to use a CMS to build your blog. CMS is an acronym that stands for “content management system”. The popular CMS is equipped with drag and drop page builders and an interface for updating content to the blog.

The most popular content management system is WordPress. With the WordPress CMS, you are few clicks away from having your blog fully set up.

Other popular CMS for blogging include; Joomla, Wix, Blogger, etc. Back to the WordPress content management system, all you need is a hosting plan, a WordPress theme, few customizations, some plugins for site optimization, and then your content!

#5. Creating Content For Your Blog

Now, you have your keywords, you have your WordPress platform, and now, you need to start making content! You don’t just wake up and start writing content about stuff you like, you have to do your homework. You need to know what the audience is related to your niche constantly searches for.

Technically, you need to understand the search intent of your audience, the search volume of your niche-specific keywords, and the keyword difficulty.

Search intent refers to the action the user wants to perform after seeing the results of a search query. Search volume is the estimate of the number of visitors that search for a keyword in a month in a particular country. Finally, keyword difficulty is an SEO metric that tells how difficult it would be for a new blog to rank for a particular keyword. Keyword difficulty metric is scaled from 1-100. The lower the keyword difficulty, the easier it would be to rank for that keyword.

This implies that if you are researching keywords to write for your fitness blog, you should start with keywords with low difficulty in the ranking. Then, as the authority of your fitness blog increases, you can move on to writing about competitive keywords.

A lot of content writers and SEO experts mark off some practices of their SEO post Checklist, but forget one important thing- the search intent! If you do not want your writing efforts for your fitness blog to be voided, you need to research the search intent for every keyword you want to write about.

Some keywords tell search engines that the user wants to purchase a fitness product. There are also keywords or key phrases that specify that users just want a buyer’s guide or a product review.

In practice, when a user searches for “exercise bikes” Google would return a search result showing product listings from various eCommerce sites. When a user makes a query of “best exercise bikes”, then they are looking for a buyer’s guide, especially a long read.

So endeavor to know the search intent of your keyword, and then tailor your fitness blog content to suit them.

We have successfully covered content writing for your fitness blog, to cap everything, get less difficult keywords, know their search volume, and write to satisfy the search intent of your audience.

Now that you have your fitness blog content, let us now move on to making money with your fitness blog.


How To Monetize Your Fitness Blog

There are diverse ways of turning your fitness blog into a regular income stream. It would be important to note that one cannot make money with a fitness blog if it does not satisfy some conditions. Some of these conditions include having good content and getting tangible traffic. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be reviewing ways to make money with a fitness blog that has satisfied these conditions.

Here are three ways you can generate revenue with your fitness blog:

  • Affiliate Fitness Programs
  • Contextual Advertising with Google Adsense and some of its alternatives
  • Sponsored Posts

Monetizing Your Fitness Blog With Affiliate Fitness Programs

An affiliate marketing program is a marketing scheme that works with the model of CPA (Cost Per Action). Here, bloggers make money with every web visitor that they convert. They can win conversions with good copies or just a good blog design or sometimes super engaging content. All-in-all, an affiliate marketing program is a very effective way of monetizing a fitness blog.  It would be important to note that there are lots of affiliate programs that can be used to make money online.

Here is a list of affiliate marketing programs that a fitness blogger can subscribe to and make money:

  • ProForm Affiliate Program
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Net2Fitness
  • ACE Fitness
  • Wahoo

Monetizing Your Fitness Blog with contextual ads

One of the most popular contextual advertising networks on the planet is Google Adsense. With 15k visitors per month, you can be making passive income with Google Adsense. With any CMS you can easily integrate Google Adsense with your blog.  There are also other alternatives that you can try out for your fitness blog. Some of such include, Ezoic,, Propeller, Adsterra, etc.


Monetizing Your Fitness Blog With Sponsored Posts

This is a super conditional income stream for fitness blogs. If your fitness blog does not get tangible traffic and does not have enough Domain authority, it would be difficult to monetize this way. Individuals or businesses that look for sponsored posts from a fitness blog tend to benefit from quality backlinks and traffic. With traffic from your blog, they can promote their product or post to potential customers.

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