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How to renew a food license online

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India License (Food License) is a necessary authorization that all Food Business Operators (FBOs) are required to obtain. So, if you plan to apply for one or already have one, then here is everything you need to know about how to renew food license online.

And also food business is all time running and relatively stable than many of the businesses that people are doing these days.

It needs some tasty and interesting recipes that everyone will relish and surely be your permanent customer as it has so much ground to spread your food business network.

Points to keep in mind before Food License Renewal

  • The license should be renewed 30 days before its expiration.
  • The extension of renewal is also for five years. The cost of renewal will also increase depending on the extension period.
  • If anyone fails to renew the license before its expiry, he will have to pay Rs.100/- fine every day from the day of expiry till renewal.
  • Apply for company registration before FSSAI License registration to ease the application process.


Process for Food License Renewal

Following is the process of how to renew food license online.

Form filling:

  • After prior license Form, A (Basic Food Registration) or Form B (Central or State Food Registration) and Form C is to be given, with some self-attested food license documents and declaration. You can access these forms from the official website of FSSAI


  • Once the application files, it will be analysed by the relevant professionals. If required, your business premises will also be checked to assure the validity of the data attached.


  • The authorities will issue a license in your favor once you assure them of the operations of your business.

Get the Renewed License :

  • The renewed food license should reach you within 60 days.
  • Even if you do not get a reply from the authorities within 60 days, contact the authorities through mail to know the status of your application.

As FSSAI is related to the registration process, the candidate must ensure that they apply or submit the Food Renewal Form and relevant documents before the completion of the tenure of the Food License.

How to renew food license online after expiry?

Food license renewal is not optional but mandatory if you want to continue your food business. In fact, you must renew your license 30 days before it expires.

In case, if exceeding the renewal time, a new application for a license has to be registered.

Required Documents

To appeal for Food Registration Renewal, you must have all the mentioned documents.

  • Candidate’s passport size photograph
  • Identity card of the applicant (Voter ID card or Aadhar card)
  • copy of pan card
  • Address Proof (Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill, Electricity Bill, Guess Bill)
  • Copy of property papers if you are the owner of the business site
  • Copy of tent agreement with NOC letter from landlord
  • Central / State Food License Renewal After Expiration

In addition to the Form V and duly signed, the following documents are to be given as attachments to the Form for Renewal of Food License:

  • Photograph of partner, director, authorized signatory, or applicant
  • Director list with his ID proof
  • Partner, director, authorized signatory or
  • Address Proof of Applicant
  • Layout plan of the food processing unit
  • Food category list for manufacturers
  • Authorization letter by the manufacturer NOC from the municipality or local body if any
  • to a manufacturer in the case of the applicant
  • According to installed capacity and horsepower
  • To provide the name and number of the equipment, a copy of the partnership deed, or MOA and AOA. ,
  • Possession proof is essential (electricity bill, sale deed, etc.) (in case of central license)
  • A cancelled check.

Note that in addition to the above, if you apply for Central Food License renewal, then you also required the below documents:

  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU
  • Proof of Turnover
  • Analysis report of water that you will use to cook food
  • IEC documents issued by DGFT


Why to Renew Food License?

  • A food license is mandatory for food business operators in India. The manufacturers, storage units, transporters, distributors and retailers must procure it.
  • Before starting a food business, a food license must be obtained from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
  • Not only obtain but, it is equally important to renew the food license within time so that you can continue to conduct business legally and comply with the food regulations.
  • The initial validity of the food license chosen by the food business operators is five years, and the fee is decided accordingly. Every food business operator has to apply for renewal of a food license 30 days before the expiry of the existing food license.


Whether you are a food manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, importer, or exporter, you are legally obliged to have a food license, as stated under the Food Act 2006.

A food license assures the quality and safety of your food products.

The license is in the form of a 14-digit number that needs to print on the packaging of your food products.

For running a food business, food registration is of critical importance.

Once you obtain a license, it becomes equally essential to apply for a food license renewal before it expires to run your business legally and avoid penalties.

Therefore, renew the license from time to time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a food license?

A food license is necessary to be a legal manufacturer and distributor of food. There is a provision to pass the sanitation and safety regulation to give clean food to the people.

Without an FSSAI food license, business operations may violate the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006.

What is the fee of food license renewal?

For the FSSAI license the renewal fee starts from Rs. 100 to Rs.7500/- for 1 year.

What is the procedure for getting the renewal of the food license?

The process to get Food License Renewal is simple:

  • Firstly, fill up the mandatory Form A & B.
  • After that, It will then be verified by the authorities to ensure that all information published is correct.
  • Then after completion of the investigation, if the officials are okay with all the business processes, they will grant the FSSAI renewal license.
  • You will get the license within 60 days.
  • If you do not receive, go ahead with your business without expecting any notice.

How do I know when my food license will expire? 

When you enter the 14 digit license number, click on the button of Check Validity and, it will show all the basic information about the food business.

Enter your username and password and log into the portal for specific information related to the food license status.

Which locations where we can also apply?

You can apply any location in India where you think it will more suitable for you to operate and plan your food business online. Mega cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida etc.

These are the hub for high profile social people who would like to spend their weekends and holidays enjoying a tasty food.

So you can go for company registration in Mumbai or Chennai or any other cities in which seek your interest to work and make your business successful.


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