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How To Properly Arrange Fresh Flowers And Greenery In Your Home

Decorating one’s home with flowers and plants offers several benefits, including improved focus, boosted mood and energy levels, and reduced stress. Beyond the personal benefits, floral arrangements and plants look great and bring the room to life.

There are a few key things to remember when decorating with plants. Here are some top tips for properly arranging fresh flowers and greenery in your home with those considerations in mind.

Choose the Right Placement

The first thing to consider when arranging flowers and plants for decor is placement. Ideally, you’ll put your arrangements in places where they’ll be enjoyed, such as entryways and gathering places. For example, you could have a small arrangement in the mudroom of your home to help welcome guests, then a larger arrangement on your dining room table. 

You should also determine the placement within a room. The three most common options include tabletop arrangements, floor planters, and hanging planters. Tabletop arrangements are ideal for eye-catching centerpieces and focal point decor, while floor planters are ideal for larger plants and more ornate vessels. 

Hanging planters are ideal for vining arrangements or when surface space is limited. Additionally, they’re great for homes that have pets, as many plants are toxic to animals.

Choose the Right Display Option

When arranging fresh flowers and greenery, think outside the vase. While a traditional arrangement is lovely, it’s also fun to try more contemporary options.

Consider using a floral hoop to make a contemporary wall-mounted arrangement or a repurposed frame to make a living wall installment. Rather than a vase, consider a thematic vessel, like a teapot for the kitchen or an upcycled pair of rain boots for the entryway.

Keep Lighting in Mind

While many decorators still prefer cut flowers, there’s been a shift toward decorating with living plants since the pandemic. If you choose to decorate with live flowers and greenery, you’ll need to consider the lighting limitations.

For example, if you select plants that require hours of sunlight each day, you’ll have to place your arrangement near a window. Conversely, choosing plants that prefer indirect light provides more leeway when placing your arrangement. Take some time to read about the plants you’re using for your arrangement, and be strategic in grouping them together.

Follow Flower Arranging Etiquette

Arranging flowers is an art form. To put together a professional-looking arrangement, consider the basic etiquette that florists use to perfect their pieces.

When arranging flowers, larger blooms should go in the center with smaller blooms around them. You can use floral foam and tape to help keep your flowers aligned and in position. After you’ve placed the main blooms, use greenery and buds to fill in the gaps for a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Determine the Aesthetic

When determining which flowers, vessels, and arrangements to use, consider the desired aesthetic of the room. For example, if you’re opting for a rustic-chic look, you might arrange wildflowers in an artistically chaotic bouquet. Conversely, if your goal is to make the space look more refined, you might opt for a spray of white roses organized in a crystal vase. Understanding the feeling you’re trying to convey will guide the decorating process.

Keeping these key considerations in mind will help you properly arrange flowers and greenery to suit your design preferences and decor themes.

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