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How to Promote Your Music Without Spending Too Much Money

If you’re an aspiring musician, it might seem impossible to get your music out to all the world without having lots of money. But with a little creativity and some clever budgeting, you can promote your music without breaking the bank. Let us dig more into music influencer marketing


Here’s how:


1. Put together a marketing plan


Know what venues and styles of music work for your demographic. And develop a strategy according to that. Develop a clear target market by brainstorming important traits of people who would want to listen to your music. Look at their age group, likes, dislikes, and locations.  You can get a lot of information about your target market by talking to people who listen to your music. You’ll also want to get inside some venues where your audience might be.


2. Get on social media


Because social networks seem like they’re for young people. But that doesn’t mean they are not an effective method of promoting music. All the major social networks have free options that allow you to promote your band and music. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all great places to start with free profiles. That allows fans and potential fans a place to connect with you online. That’s free promotion!


3. Set up a YouTube channel:


If you have a video that’s good enough to release, put it on YouTube and promote it through other means. For example, get your music videos shot, add a link to your website, and have the ability to buy music on the site (e.g., iTunes). Your fans will appreciate getting to see your videos. They will be able to buy them for themselves without having to create an account or log in through iTunes. This is also great for building your fan base so that people will follow you on Twitter and Facebook. This is one of the best music influencer marketing


4. Reach out to venues


If you have music that’s appropriate for the type of venue you would like to play. And send them a letter with some information about your band and let them know where you’d like to play. That’s free promotion!


5. Get free publicity


Use press releases and articles in offline publications and online blogs to get your name out there. Also, include links to your website, YouTube channel or social media sites in every email sent for promotional purposes.


6. Contact contacts


You can use a contact form on YouTube or other websites that allow fans of your music to contact you without having to do anything else. Especially if they have an interest in the genre that you’re playing in. This can lead to some great opportunities without you having to do much work to get them. And you’re getting a free promotion!


7. Use your connections


Connect with other local artists who are in the same genre as you. You can find them through their website, social networking profiles, open mics, or even the local library. Make a collaborative music video on YouTube that shows off your brand and integrates the other peoples’ bands and music as well. The idea here is that if people see that you play in your neighborhood. And hang out with other bands, it might encourage them to check out all your music online and get something for free.


8. Keep people coming back


If people like you and your music, they will want to keep following you. You can encourage this by adding more updated content to your site. Also, get the word out about shows and new music on your Facebook page. You can use this as a music influencer marketing


9. Make sure people know how to get in touch with you


Put a link to your website on your Facebook page, YouTube channel, and all other pages that your fans can find. It should be in several places so that you will be sure to receive legitimate inquiries.


10. Use coupons and discounts


Running a contest for fans and using coupons are both great ways to attract more people who like what you’re making. Offer them an incentive to use the coupon or enter the contest. But make it something they want. That is free music downloads, free merchandise, or backstage passes are all good things to offer.


11. Be creative!


There are lots of cool promotional ideas out there that cost nothing at all. If you brainstorm the possibilities. If you’re an indie band, for example, you can make an original music video for free. And then use the video to advertise it on sites like YouTube and promote your show in person.


12. Use Facebook as a free press kit


One of the biggest mistakes that brands make is using their Facebook page as another place to promote shows or merchandise. Use it to give people who like your music information about you and the band without having them leave the site or do anything except like the page. This is great for building your fan base. Getting you more likes and getting people to come to see your show for free.


13. Give it away!


You can hand out CDs outside of local venues on slow nights. You can leave stacks of them at restaurants and develop relationships with local radio stations. These are all great ways to get the word out about your music without having to pay a lot of money for advertising.


14. Put together a ‘best of’ CD or tape for free or low cost


If you feel that people would be willing to pay for a collection of songs from your last two CDs or tape. Then, put together an inexpensive package that includes any three of your songs from previous projects. This is also a great way to develop some interest in fans who haven’t heard any of your music before. Also,  give them some incentive to buy something that they might not otherwise download or buy. You can use this as a music influencer marketing strategy. 


15. Run a contest


This is one of the least creative ideas out there, but it is one of the most effective. Put together a free album art contest that allows fans to create their own music cover for an upcoming release. If your music is available on many sites. You can even include links to those sites so that people can buy them for themselves. This is a good way to get people who have an interest in your genre of music to like you. And be willing to buy something from you in the future.


16. Give away stuff


Hand out promo items at shows, post flyers around town, and hand out stickers for free. The most important part of this is to make sure you have your name and website address on every single thing that you give out. So that people know where to find you and can get in touch with you.


17. Use video


You don’t have to have a big budget or professional gear to take a good quality video of your band playing live. As long as there is enough light and your camera has some kind of zoom function, you can film a show and post it online for free marketing. Be sure not to forget to include your name, songs, and website links on the video!


18. Use free music sites


There are lots of sites and apps for making music available for free. You can post your song in a collection or create and upload your own. But you will have to pay attention to copyright laws to make sure that people don’t steal your music without giving you credit. Of course, if you’re the one who did the recording and mixing. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want this kind of exposure anyhow!


19. Use YouTube vids


You can use a video that someone else made of your band playing live. Or even talking about how awesome it is to play in local bands on YouTube or some other video-sharing site. Be sure to post links on your Facebook page and any other online locations where your fans will be able to find them. So that they can enjoy it for free.


20. Promote yourself


Once you’ve gained some fame and popularity. You can promote yourself through social media and the web by networking with blogs, forums, and other bands from around the world. This is a great way to share ideas about music marketing, touring, and promoting your music online. You should also take advantage of playing shows in other cities or states because you never know who you might meet! Use this as a music influencer marketing strategy. 


21. Share


Another great way to reach a larger customer base is to share! Everyone knows someone who’s interested in music, so share it with them! Post your songs on the walls of your friends and family. If you’re a performer at a venue, ask the owners if they’ll let you play some new songs.


22. Email lists


Set up an email list so that people can submit their email addresses if they want to hear about upcoming shows or new music releases before anyone else. You can also get your name and song name into their inbox by sharing it on your Facebook page or putting it on your website.


23. Buy a banner ad


If you’ve got some spare cash, invest in a banner ad that will get people to visit your website and learn more about you, buy music, and more. Be sure you respect the copyright law when pitching any kind of music promotion!


To wrap up, this was a long list and might seem overwhelming, but remember that music marketing isn’t rocket science. Keeping your band fresh plays a huge part in getting new fans, promoting your shows, and selling music. Take your time and don’t be afraid to explore new ideas or try something different! The more you try to reach people, the more exposure you’ll get. That’s the name of the game! Keep trying and please leave your thoughts below on how these ideas have worked for other musicians. These are a few music influencer marketing strategies that you can use! 


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