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How to optimize LinkedIn for better leads?


LinkedIn is a treasure of business opportunities, but if your profile isn’t optimized, you can miss out! Business owners like you are continuously trying hard to build trust, generate more leads, and maintain the brand alive in the market.

And so well planned digital marketing is necessary to be approachable to potential visitors. And look at how it has expanded in recent years. 

A survey of marketers comes with the results that LinkedIn is the most effective platform amongst many other social media sites that support online visibility, to promote your business among other business leaders.

40% of B2B marketers surveyed indicated LinkedIn as the most effective platform for driving high-quality leads and referred to be the world’s largest professional network. 

According to LinkedIn, marketers notice a 2x increase in conversion rates, and brand and acquisition rates are 6x more likely to convert.

LinkedIn marketing allows you to engage a professional community and promote tasks that are relevant to your business. There are nearly 58 million businesses on LinkedIn.

The first step is to create a successful inbound lead channel by designing your LinkedIn profile to attract high-quality prospects. Professionals can use it to reconnect with former coworkers, get referrals for new companies, or seek new employment.

However, how can you effectively promote your company on LinkedIn? 

Optimize LinkedIn for sales and lead generation   

1. High-quality Profile picture.  

A headshot with a clean background and a welcoming expression. Use a high-quality portrait to form a good first impression. Profile pictures are 10 times more likely to be viewed by other LinkedIn members.

You may create the appearance that you have something to hide, that you are unprofessional, or that your business connections aren’t valued if you don’t have a profile photo.

Here are some practical suggestions for a great profile picture: 

At least 60% of the frame should be taken up by your face. 

  • Appear approachable 
  • Choose a current high-resolution photograph. 
  • Dress professionally. 
  • Display an expression that is compatible with your brand. 
  • Make use of natural light and a neutral background. 

While a professional headshot isn’t required, a high-quality photo will help you come off as trustworthy and professional. 

2. Optimize front Page 

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • Make use of translations

If you serve a worldwide audience, you could include translations here rather than creating a unique Company Page for each state. Your Page can have up to 20 languages, which include the name, tagline, and description sections. 

  • Add keywords to your description

Google indexes your LinkedIn Page, so use natural-sounding keywords in the opening paragraph of your company description. Keep it to a maximum of 3-4 paragraphs on your vision, values, products, and services. As well as add 3 hashtags to get updates from the trending posts on them.  

  • Choose a branded cover image

You can highlight your services and include a link to your website. You can also use this area to draw attention to your most recent product launch or other significant news. Keep things basic and on-brand.  

3. Relevant Content 

Consider posting a variety of content formats, including video, to strengthen your LinkedIn page and profile. Including this industry-relevant content can help you create connections and trust with potential consumers by positioning yourself as a proficient source.

When you’re known as an intelligent, helpful source, you’ll start to build relationships with like-minded experts that meet your ideal customer profile.  

If you post frequently, you’ll become a regular on their feed, making it easy to start new conversations. Keywords make your LinkedIn profile more visible, increasing the number of people who may contact you directly.

Your digital presence, with the correct keywords, displays you as proficient and approachable. Let your logo showcase credibility to your content. 

The greatest locations to provide information related to your sector and function are in your Headline, Summary, and Experience sections. As a result, it is critical to create a specific statement that outlines what you do.

A one-liner that describes how you assist people in growing. To boost your exposure to leads, use industry-specific and expertise-related keywords that show your specialized experience and talents.

If you’re having trouble coming up with relevant keywords, check LinkedIn for phrases used in your desired position.  

Optimize your LinkedIn profile for search engine optimization as it can help because you know why SEO is important for your business. It is also used for job searches, but you can also search for people, groups, information, and companies.

Make a list of no more than 5-6 keywords. Then include these terms in your  

  • In the headline. 
  • Skillset. 
  • experience 
  • Job descriptions 
  • In the list of accomplishments 
  • Summary  

This method will boost the visibility of your LinkedIn profile. 

4. Display visual content in your overview 

In your LinkedIn summary, use two to four pieces of graphic information. Display eye-catching items that will be useful to your consumer. Content like tip sheets, infographics, and current statistics perform well to capture people’s attention.

To take this a step further, include UTM parameters in your content links so you can know how many people are viewing what you’re publishing. 

You might, for example, include a blog post announcing your company’s achievement of an industry award for “Most Satisfied Customers” as well as a case study from a well-known client.  

5. Adding details to connect 

Profile Connection in LinkedIn

In today’s environment, face-to-face meetings with leads may not always be feasible, so having a clear brand value sets the foundation for a strong introduction. 

Make a lasting impression by showcasing expertise and relevant skills in your Summary. As your work grows and you take on new tasks, keep your profile up to date with recent courses or training, new skills, and accomplishments. 

Include your contact information on your profile, such as your phone number and email address, to make it easier for prospects to reach you.

Make people want to work with you by getting them interested in you and then removing hurdles once they’re convinced. LinkedIn’s biggest appeal is networking, and you should take advantage of this function for lead creation.

Connect on LinkedIn with existing customers and clients and learn about their industry connections, as they may be useful to you as well.

If you have relations with current clients, ask for referrals and references, or simply discover how to contact a contact they have that meets your customer profile. 

6. Being active with regular posts 

LinkedIn, like all of your other social networking platforms, requires consistency. You are not establishing yourself as a regular presence with your contacts if you upload an article once in a blue moon and then log out.

You should also interact with your clients regularly. Disappearing in the middle of a conversation is unprofessional and does not increase their interest in doing business with you. 

Companies are looking for applicants that have a track record of adding value to the digital ecosystem of professional development.

According to LinkedIn data, users are seven times more likely to react to a LinkedIn Live and 24 times more likely to comment on regular video content. To increase your community presence, try the following:  

  • Use LinkedIn Live to share fresh research and unique ideas.
  • Make connections with colleagues and customers to grow your network.
  • Actively comment on and respond to industry-related content.
  • Subscribe to and comment on the content of industry leaders you admire.
  • Make a regular commitment to developing your content.

7. Filling experience details 

When it comes to establishing a genuine online presence, your experience validates your worth and supports your claims of accomplishment. Include essential records of past projects; it might mean the difference between someone leaving or calling you. Include details on how you achieved success in your role. 

Your LinkedIn profile is a living, dynamic record of your career; it evolves alongside you, showing the value you provide to your network.

By creating an attractive profile, you may showcase your worth and gain the trust of your client base. Apply LinkedIn’s networking and lead-generation tools to thrive in our digital-first business age. 

8. Add your call to action 

Finally, add a custom button. It is the button that LinkedIn users will see next to the Follow one on your Page. You can modify it to any of the following: 

  • Please contact us
  • Find out more
  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Visit the website

The default choice is “Visit website.” You can modify it at any moment, so if you’re having a webinar or event, change it to “Register” or “Sign up” to focus on it, then come back to your website. 


These LinkedIn profile tips should put you on the right route to generating leads and enhancing the visibility of your company. Remember that people use LinkedIn to find business connections, and this is your opportunity to promote and showcase your brand. So one of the first steps toward success is to enhance your LinkedIn profile. 

We can help you enhance your LinkedIn profile to interact with potential customers and reach your target audience. As you know reasons to promote your business on LinkedIn, throw straight into an open market. Invest time in your LinkedIn presence and see if you can get more leads with your updated profile. Improving your LinkedIn profile is essential in the sales industry, particularly if you are a social seller. 

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Ankit Parashar

Ankit Parashar is the founder and director of ABK Digital, a leading digital marketing agency catering to clients of all industries across the globe. He has 10+ years of experience in marketing, spearheading deal-making, strategic partnerships, sales, and business development.

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