How to get your Old Jewellery Transformed into Contemporary Designs?

Are your old jewellery pieces lying in your jewellery box just because the designs are not modern and contemporary? Or are they broken and need to be repaired and polished? Do you know your old pieces can be transformed into customised designer bespoke jewellery London? Using Computer Aided Design (CAD), designers can create something new and amazing out of your old broken precious items.

Stay tuned and keep reading this article to know more about bespoke jewellery and repair service.

Bespoke Jewellery Designs

If you have acquired jewellery pieces as an heirloom, but have not sported them due to their old styles and outdated designs, bespoke designing is the solution. Yes, using CAD designing, experts can create your dream jewellery piece, using some of the elements from your old piece and adding more gemstones and diamonds if require. For example, a solitaire ring of your grandmother can be converted into a new ring with more gemstones added to it. Or an old neckpiece can be transformed into a stunning bracelet.

You can also get the yellow gold transformed into rhodium plated white gold type look. There are a lot of design possibilities. You can get a bespoke jewellery piece designed as per your liking and style.

Where to get your jewellery repaired or redesigned

If you have a jewellery collection, we recommend getting probate jewellery valuation done by Prestige Valuations, they are experts in the field. They also offer other services, including bespoke jewellery creation, watch valuation, antique valuation, handbags and furniture appraisal, along with jewellery appraisal and repair service.

They are leading jewellery valuers with a trustworthy team of certified experts. They offer an online valuation service as well as home visit.

Why you must go for customised jewellery

There are numerous reasons why you must go for customised jewellery pieces. Keep reading the article.

  • Your piece will be a unique item and it will help you make a style statement. For sure you will get compliments for its uniqueness.
  • It will have your style as you would be involved at each step of its making.
  • The heirloom jewellery piece will have sentiments and memories associated with it and whilst getting it transformed into a new modern design, it will all be kept intact.
  • Customisation is a transparent process and you will be in direct contact with a trustworthy team without the need of a wholesaler, importer, retailer or a distributor.
  • If you buy a new piece of jewellery, it will cost you higher as jewellery stores have a high mark up. On the other hand, if you get your item custom designed, it will cost cheaper. It is a myth that a customised design would be expensive.

When a team of designer and craftsman works on a design given by you, their skills and expertise, along with the premium quality of gold, diamonds and precious stones they use, result in a flawless piece of art. And it will stay with you forever until you pass it down as heirloom!

If you’re on the lookout for probate jewellery valuation then Prestige Valuations is your go-to destination where you could get your precious jewellery appraised by the experts.

What is the importance of Appraising?

The jewellery appraisal is undertaken to determine the real value of a certain piece of jewellery. One of the main reasons to have your opulent jewellery appraised is for insurance purposes. The appraiser will provide you with a proof of how much is the worth of your beloved jewellery.

A few important points to remember-

  • The value of the expensive metals and gems consistently fluctuates, therefore, it is imperative to have your prized jewellery appraised frequently to stay in the know the actual value at the moment.
  • Ensure that your probate jewellery is valued safely and discreetly.
  • Connect with as leading jewellery valuation service that provides top quality valuation service to clients both online and onsite.
  • It’s a peace of mind, as up-to-date valuation will provide you with accurate Probate Jewellery Valuation.

How to Find An Appraiser?

The appraiser will meticulously investigate your jewellery and find out its real worth.

Here are a few tips that‘ll help you find an appraiser in your area-

  • Check reviews about the jewellery appraisers.
  • A trusted and reputable jewellery appraiser will provide you with some sort of proof.
  • Opt for someone with experience.
  • Check how much your appraiser is going to charge from you.
  • They must be armed with ample real-world experience.
  • Also, figure out where they’ve worked in the past.

Ascertaining a good appraiser is important because you’re going to go back to them every few years to have your coveted jewellery appraised.

Whether it’s a vintage necklace, a diamond ring, or an extremely valuable antique endowed to you by your grandmother or grandfather, you should always get it appraised and insured that jewellery.

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