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I made a post a while ago before actually leaving to go traveling about assignment I’ve never done anything to do with like uni or anything like that before but I just thought let’s you know and give some information and tips. I feel like I learned a lot that loads of people just like didn’t really know in other courses and stuff and it really really helped me so i wanted to just like share it and i got some really great feedback and a lot of people requested me to make some more so i’m going to be filming two more and then if you guys have any more requests do let me know and i can film some more but let me know what you guys want to see so my last post if you haven’t seen.

It it’ll be somewhere up here this side of this it was all about how to get 95 in an exam today’s post is going to be my tips about assignments and then I took assistance from professional assignment writing service. The other post i’m going to be filming is going to be my i don’t want to say cheat sheet because it sounds like you’re cheating but like things that are going to like really step you up with your reference list because that was one of them. The things.

I was always like praised on i spent a lot of time on my reference list so i had some little hacks that helped me get to those higher marks so i want to share them in another post too so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on that one and hit. The notification bell because it will let you know when i upload it i want to give a bit of background i gave it in. The last post but if you’re new here i feel.

I should still give a bit of background because you might watch this and think oh well of course like you’ve done this well you’ve probably had help you probably had tutors you probably went to a really good school your parents probably helped you or you’re probably really like naturally smart it’s never gonna happen for me because you’re probably really naturally smart no not.

The case i actually grew up on a council estate with not very much money at all i’ve never had tutors i never went to really good schools i was always like okay in school i didn’t do like exceptionally but i didn’t do really really bad i definitely didn’t have tips. Help beforehand i then found out in uni and not until. The third year which is my final year that i was dyslexic so i’m actually dyslexic i found out toward.

End of the third year

The end of third year so i didn’t get any support throughout. The whole time in my uni and I actually finished top of my class which is something i never thought would happen but you can work and you can make these things happen when i found out i was dyslexic i was so pushed back because i was like wow like. What the hell do I do now i have to work very very hard and i don’t say this to make me sound better i say this to you who are watching this and you’re thinking like oh well you know you’re trying to like toss it away because i know i did that like you see someone like oh they must just be smart they must have had their parents help them.

All this and that and try and toss it away that no actually you can do it doing well is reserved for certain people it’s not reserved for people who are really really smart it’s not reserved for people who have had help, yeah you have to work harder but you can do it if you’re willing to put that work in you can still do really really well and if you know there are ways to go around it because honestly.

Uni is a bit as long as you know what they are asking for you can do really well and as long as you understand. The topic and knowing what they want you can do really well anyway today we are going to go over assignments and ask for online to do my assignment for me so I’m going to talk about mainly uk stuff well 100 uk stuff i don’t know what i said because obviously. I went to uni in the UK.

like your coursework

If you’re from somewhere else you might still get something from it. I hope just going to be following what’s helped me in my time at uni. In the UK so assignments here normally are like your coursework anything you have to like hang in that you do at home so there are different types of assignments and different things that you need to add in each assignment if you’re doing a report or like an essay there’ll be different specifics you have to add in that you will get told hopefully by your tutors or your lecturers or whatever so definitely make sure you’re asking like. The specifics that.

Make something different between like a report and an essay like what do you need to do these things that i’m going to give these tips they’re going to be things that are going to take you from that mid-tier or lower tier to up to. The higher marks so rather than going in specific tips so this is how you write a report that’s how you write an essay this post is going to be very much more like things are going to take you up that level too.

The point maya one tip i got in the first year from one of my tutors. I wish more tutors said it because so many people didn’t know it like when spoke to jack about like how he did at uni and stuff he wished he had known that because he definitely didn’t do that and that’s definitely what took me up to those higher grades was remembering this everything you write in an assignment.

Write in The essay

I didn’t back up with a reference like not one thing my tutor would be like so strictly that should be like. The sky is blue how do you know that that’s a car how do you know in your assignment do. The exact same thing so if you’re writing let me think. how i started one of my assignments you know what I’m going to read one so here. I say economic factors are centrally concerned with value so might know that from three years of university and know that economic factors are centrally concerned with value that’s something .

I know but if write that in. The essay and i don’t have a little bracket name date close bracket then I’m not referencing that like who told you that and there might be things that you just know of tips. The top of your head because you’ve learned it in your course and you’re like oh know that this is this so here’s a good example Vodafone is a global telecommunications company operating in over 30 countries and in partnership with networks in over 50 more Vodafone is a global telecommunications company.

You need to add a reference

I know that because i know it’s a phone shop you know. I need to reference that even though everyone reading it might know you need to reference it even if it’s common knowledge whatever you need to reference everything so there i have open bracket Vodafone UK comma 2017 close bracket. So that’s me referencing it and I’m saying that i got that off. The Vodafone website so in my reference list I’ll have a Vodafone there. The website and. The link to. The website in. The reference list honestly was some of it. The best advice.

I got an I know that jack didn’t do it and i know that it affected his grade my reference list was so long which i will talk about in my references post because everything I’ve referenced it’s just so important just always remember when you write anything any sentence you write in your essay right how to do.

I know that if you’re struggling with your reference list because you don’t want to do too many websites and stuff like that then hold out for my reference post because i will help you with that talking about reference lists number two make sure you diversify your reference list so like i said you don’t want it to be all be websites so if you’re saying things like Vodafone is a telecommunications company.

You are going to have to get that from that website if you have like loads of companies you’re talking about you’re probably going to have loads of websites you want to have quite a few books in there from when i was at uni it definitely does like affect your mark. The level of how good your reference list is i think it’s like over 10 point marks or something you can get for it so it might not seem a lot but that’s your difference between a two two one a high two one a first that’s a big chunk that is pretty easy to get.

The content of. The essay is difficult. The reference list if you know how is pretty easy to do so don’t lose out on those marks it’s not just how you structure it so obviously it has to be alphabetical we did Harvard style it has to be. Whatever style you do it in it has to have a good amount of stuff it has to have not too many websites are some books you have to have journals.

Spent hours researching

You can’t reference Wikipedia stuff like that make sure you are diversifying your reference list and. I will show you my tips for doing it on my little cheat sheet in my post tips. The conclusion now you might think like oh it’s not a lot of words I want to fit. The chunk of it into. The body of. The assignment you know you want to get all. The information you want to show that you spent hours researching and you want to get it all in there you want to jam-pack it in but don’t sleep on it make sure you’re saving like 500 600 words for a conclusion because this is how you make your essay.

Flow you might have so much information in there so much stuff in there and you might be talking about so much interesting stuff but if you’re not making it flow you’re going to lose marks tips. if you’re not making it make sense and it flows to tell a story then you will lose marks for that so you want to make sure each thing is flowing through each paragraph you’re making a point then you’re like evidencing it’s kind of going back to how it was in school and you seriously still do that in you need to be honest.

I still follow that point evidence explanation so in each paragraph. I make a point okay so Vodafone’s telecommunication company my assignment was about their turnover and then like poor turnover so saying that like they weren’t keeping star for a very long.

So I’m going to make that point so point evidence and then my evidence so I’ve looked at these studies and i put them in there so they’re proving. The one saying it. I have to find someone else that is making that point to make my point if that makes sense so. The point reference evidence reference then my conclusion reference find someone else that agrees with you.

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