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How Study Apps Are Helping Students Excel

With the latest updates in the education trends, students have also upgraded their learning strategies with the help of online study apps. There’s this saying most of us have heard of – “If you have got a strong education foundation, then there’s nothing tough or impossible to you in future.” Now with the latest technology in the education system and availability of multiple learning and study apps online, the accessibility of this strong education foundation that we were expecting, has become very easily approachable. 

The COVID-19 phase was an eye opener to many industrial and technology sectors, especially the education system sector. All the offline classes we shifted to online via Zoom or Google Meet classes. And since that wasn’t very effective, there was this huge shift in the usage of online learning and study apps. Students needed more clarity in their studies, and these learning apps provided just the right solutions. Even now, post COVID-19, students still opt to choose and depend on these apps to get more clarified understandings in their learning.

What makes it even more interesting is the adaptation of real-time problem solving features in today’s study apps. They are not just providing you the learning platform in their apps, but  they are letting you take control, with multiple features personalized and customized for you based on your learnings. Students are really hyped with these trending features of study apps, as it’s helping them learn and excel in their grades in a very effective way. Also, the present generation students are not just interested in their academic growth, they are in fact more aimful and are trying to improve their skills as well. 

Here’s how the learning and study apps are helping students achieve their goals in very different and effective ways:

1. Academic Learning & Study Apps:

It’s become a mandatory trend for students these days to have a study app with them. Be it getting an assignment or homework done, or getting professional tutors to train and nurture your learnings, study apps have played a vital role in the present online education system. Let’s start with how the learning and study apps are helping students in their academics:

  • Instant Homework Help: With just a photo click of your homework questions and assignments, students are able to solve their queries right away.
  • Connect With Tutors: Get detailed step-by-step solutions to your questions from the professional experts online. Connect with the tutors, double cross check and clear your doubts.
  • Online Classes 24×7: Online live and recorded classes of all the lessons are available, making it easy in learning sessions anytime, anywhere!
  • Personalized Learning: Personalize and customize your studies based on your learning status. Get to know where you are weak and need more focus.
  • 1:1 Tuitions: Students are able to get 1:1 tuitions with the online professional tutors. This feature is new to the market and is already driving more students to avail this 1:1 tuition subscription.
  • Textbook Solutions: The study apps are also providing textbook solutions for all the subjects and their syllabuses as well.
  • Track Your Learnings: You can keep a close eye on your learnings, recorded doubt solving sessions, your scores, etc.
  • Online Learning Community: One of the best features not to miss is that, these study apps get you to network and communicate with the online learning community members. This way you get to ask and answer, helping each other in solving the questions and communication better.

Students are taking a grip and control of their studies and achieving their academic scores and goals through these learning and study apps.

2. Language Learning Apps:

We all know that it’s not just the academic scores anymore, it’s the way that you communicate effectively matters. Not all schools pay attention to the communication skills, which is a harsh truth we all know of. Students are becoming aware of its importance. They are taking charge by learning new languages with multiple language learning apps, grammar correction apps, dictionary apps, etc. With learning new languages, we need to focus on grammar and be aware of new words as well. Here’s how these language and grammar apps are helping students:

  • Learn English Effectively: As a world-wide commonly used language, there are several specialized English learning apps, through which you learn and correct the language more effectively.
  • Learn Multiple Languages: Students are even focusing on learning multiple languages to add advantage in their future professional profiles.
  • Correct Your Grammar: Grammar plays a very important factor in communication. Be it sending a mail or speaking to your professional networks, the words you speak have to convey the right message.
  • Handy Dictionary: You never know when you are in need of proper words or in need of understanding new words that pop-up every now and then. Just keep a dictionary app handy.

Thus, these language learning apps are letting students learn multiple languages, correct their grammar and learn new words as well, to have excellent communication skills.

3. Logical Reasoning Apps:

Students face many competitive exams like IAS, NEET, IIT JEE, CAT, GATE and so on and on. The list keeps growing, but you have got to crack these exams. And logical reasoning is a major section in most of these exams. Academic questions are very well expected, you know what to answer. But, logical reasoning questions are different, it requires your logical thinking and you need to answer these questions in a very less time. Do look out for some very good logical reasoning study apps, they can help you train and compete in these exams, so that you are prepared and know how to crack your scores in these stressful exams:

  • Solved Problems: These study apps provide you solutions with detailed explanations so that you can answer similar questions in the exams.
  • Tips & Tricks: Get to know the tips and tricks, to solve these questions as quickly as possible.
  • Practice Papers & Tests: Practice well with these practice papers and take practice tests too.
  • Track Scores: Keep a close track of your performance in the practice tests and take charge of your improvements.

Be prepared for these competitive exams, know what to expect and crack your toughest entrance exams with these logical reasoning study apps.

4. Code Learning Apps:

Information technology and Computer Science are the very trending fields for students these days. They aim to be a part of this field in their future professional goals. Did you know, Kautilya Katariya became the world’s youngest coder, computer programmer, at the age of six? He was also invited to speak at multiple AI conferences too!  Amazing that a six year old knows about Artificial Intelligence.

Students are being very intellectual about their future goals and are taking up coding classes. Online code learning apps have become a trend among the students and here’s why:

  • Learn Popular Coding Languages: HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, CSS, Python, SQL, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
  • Solve Exercises: Learn, solve and practice coding exercises to correct and improve your coding.
  • Write Your Own Code: You can write and run your codes, build your own projects online.
  • Get Certified: Get your certification of the languages you learn.
  • Connect: Do connect and communicate with the worldwide coders. This will help you broaden your approach in building new projects and taking effective suggestions from experienced professionals.

Become a young certified coder, there’s no limit to touch the sky. Advance your coding skills and make way for your future career path in the IT industry.

5. Skill Development & Inspirational Apps:

Students are making a very wise choice by taking up personal skill development courses and using inspirational apps. Firstly, they are very clear about their future professional goals. Thus they are willing to take a few steps ahead further in improving their skills and personality too.

  • Online Courses 24×7: You get to choose the courses based on your interest and get them to learn 24×7.
  • Multiple Courses: Be it data science, data analytics, marketing, management or any course that you want to explore and know the details.
  • Certification: Get certified for any course that you take up.
  • Get Inspired: Get hold of some inspirational apps which can provide you with the latest information about the technology. They keep you updated and inspired like the TED talks.

Get a strong hold of your future career path by updating your skills through these small online courses. Keep a close watch on the latest tech shows as well to keep you motivated.


All the above educational learning and study apps are helping students in each and every aspect of their educational growth and skill development as well. This is called smart education covering right from solving your homework, getting online tutoring, learning new languages, coding and new courses as well. You just need to choose, decide and align to expedite your learnings and achieve your goals.

Like said in the beginning, a perfect education foundation is definitely a necessity. But the kids need to be smart and look more into their communications and professional skills. Students need to be up to date with the latest trends too to keep them inspired and motivated of their future goals too.

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