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How To Find The Right Paint Colour For The Kitchen

Picking the best possible colour for your kitchen is always very challenging because you need to choose the colour palette that goes well along with your kitchen cabinets. 

Any dissimilarities can lead to a disjointed looking kitchen, which is why have formulated this small guide through which you can find the proper paint colour for your kitchen interiors. 

Fantastic Ideas Using Which You Can Pick A Colour Palette For Your Kitchen

  • Always Match The Walls To The Kitchen Island

You shouldn’t keep your kitchen island and walls in different colours. Just like you match your tie to your socks, it’s essential that you match the colour of your kitchen walls to your main kitchen island. This will help you obtain a coordinated look for your kitchen interiors. 

  • Use The Colours Of Your Backsplash Tiles As A Colour For Your Cabinets

Professional painters in Auckland points out that you should always match the colour of your backsplash tiles along with your kitchen cabinets. For example, if your backsplash tiles are monochrome (black & white), then you can choose the colour white or black (or even both) for your kitchen cabinets. This will help you obtain an effortless style for your kitchen.

  • Try Varying The Same Shade Of Colour

In case you want to maintain consistency across your kitchen interiors, you can proceed to use the same colour but different shades for different items. For example, you can choose the colour blue and then use various shades of blue for painting your kitchen interiors. 

  • Opt For Warm Or Cool Colour Tones

Your kitchen cabinets may look cool or warm depending upon the undertone you may have, such as yellow, red, blue and the likes. For instance, you can mix up yellow-coloured kitchen islands along with beige-coloured cabinets. 

  • Choose The Colour Of Your Metal Equipment

It’s extremely crucial that you choose the colour of your metal equipment (stoves, ovens, refrigerators and so on) in-correlation with your kitchen interiors. Moreover, ensure that the colour shade is uniform across the board.

Finding The Colour Scheme Of Your Kitchen

Before you plan to decide on a particular colour scheme, it’s essential that you consider your kitchen first from an eagle-eye perspective. The colour of your cabinets, walls, hardware, appliances – all will contribute towards the kitchen’s colour scheme.

It’s suggested that if you have a kitchen which receives not enough natural light, then it’s recommended to stick to lighter shades of colour along with warmer tones. However, if your kitchen receives enough natural light, then it’s critical to add darker tones to your palette. 

With that being said, if you’re ready to paint your kitchens, be sure to let us know. Our skilled, professional painters would be happy to help you. 

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