Best Budget Tablet Buying Guide for Students

Whether you want your work done or do some entertainment on the go, tablets provide a great advantage. Tablets are almost one third the weight of a standard laptop, so the physical strain of carrying a heavy device is far less.

Tablets are a great asset for students, travellers, commuters, and professionals who have to travel a lot on business, mostly in this Covid era.

Here we have listed some factors to see before buying any tablet.

Calling Facility

With an increase in working remotely, video calling has become a necessary part of our day-to-day life. You have to see the tablet in this range with a good webcam and calling facility.

Convertible or Stand-Alone Tablet

Stand-alone tablets consist of one large touch screen, a handful of buttons on the case, a charging connector, and little else. You control them using the touch screen, but you can usually pair them with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Convertible devices either come with a detachable keyboard or they’re just a full-size laptop that features a touch screen.


Ram is considered an important feature in any gadget because high RAM directly means high speed. Try to go with 3-4 GB of RAM for basic use cases.

Memory Storage

Convertible Windows tablets often have storage capacities more in line with typical notebooks, so it isn’t unusual to find one with 256GB of storage or more. Some tablets include SD card readers that allow you to expand your device’s storage capacity. Unless you don’t use your tablet much, you may find 8 or 16 GB to be a little too constraining for your needs.


Tablet screen sizes range from 7 to 10-inch range. They are three main categories: 

  • Small: 7-9 inches
  • Medium: 9-11 inches
  • Large: 12 inches or larger

The tablets with 10 inches are a little bit challenging if you want to use them from a single hand, but it is created to be both compact and lightweight.

Operating System

Try to go mostly with an android operating system as users get plenty of options to consider, and this applies to both hardware and software.

In market tablets are available with three main OS : 

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Window 10

Connectivity and Sim Slot

Tablet supports connectivity in both wifi and Sim, and enough to be employed in a place, that is Wi-Fi-enabled.

Also, tablets that come with cellular assistance allow users to insert in a SIM card, which gives you a good Internet service package.


Time is getting advance and changing rapidly, which means that the camera is being upgraded and enhanced. So choosing a camera quality is also set to top preferences.

If you have to buy a tablet taking good pictures and recording memories, then we advise you to take a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 which applies to the best camera since tablets are typically a one-time investment only.


Tablets are the best option for those who travel a lot and don’t want to carry extra baggage like a laptop. so opting for the light-weight option is a good choice.



Hope you find this article helpful, we have also curated the list of top tablet under 10000, you could consider seeing it if you want.

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