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How To Ensure Feeding The Right Healthy Homemade Gravy Food

Homemade Gravy Food

Canines love to lick off a delicious gravy! Gravy dog foods are available in different flavours and are capable of moisturizing even the most boring and bland meals. It’s definitely mouth-watering for a canine but the first question that comes to mind is – Should canines have gravy?

Whether a canine should or shouldn’t gravy food, depends on these three factors:

  • Ingredients in the gravy
  • How much to feed
  • Effects on a canine’s health


Through this article, we share vital information on styles of gravy dog foods and how to ensure feeding the right homemade gravy dog food.

Styles Of Gravy Dog Foods

  • Homemade Gravy Food

To ensure a canine receives only good ingredients in his diet, this gravy food is ideal when made from scratch. Simply follow these instructions to prepare broth gravy:

  • Place leftover chicken bones in a large pot on the stove.
  • Fill the pot with water and cover.
  • Add a few chopped dog-safe vegetables.
  • Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Using tongs, remove all bones from the pot.
  • Mix the broth, meat pieces and vegetables in a blender.
  • Put the entire mixture back into the pot.
  • Allow it to cool before serving or pouring over dry dog food.
  • Store the remaining gravy in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 days.

Although homemade gravy food is good for ensuring food safety, it doesn’t ensure well-balanced nutrition.

  • Pre-packaged Gravy Food

This gravy food is pre-packaged in a can or pouch for quick and easy use. Simply open the pouch or can and serve. Unfortunately, mass-produced pre-packaged gravies are high in sodium, which is unhealthy for canines. But the best homemade dog food is pre-packaged with freshly sourced meat gravies, superfood and complete nutritional adequacy. So, it’s important to carefully read the labels while selecting pre-packaged gravy food.

  • Diet Gravy Food

This gravy food is ideal for an overweight canine. It can be prepared at home or bought as a pre-packaged gravy food. Quite often, the main ingredient in it is a superfood such as a pumpkin. It is naturally filling and provides the benefits of hydration, assists metabolism and improves muscular health.

  •  How Much to Feed

Proper feeding habits require understanding the perfect size of servings. For gravy foods, a small serving size is ideal on top of regular dog food. I

  • When Not To Feed

If there are gravy food leftovers from a special event, don’t let a canine happily gobble it down. This can create gravy-related stomach problems such as diarrhoea and vomiting. And following this advice can prevent it.

  • What To Consider

Before adding a new food type to a canine’s regular diet, consulting a veterinarian is essential to ensure meeting all his requirements. It’s important to consider the fact, not all ingredients are right to be included in a canine’s regular diet. These can prove to be risky in many ways. Following are the ingredients to avoid in his diet:

  • Garlic: Potentially toxic for canines
  • Onions: Immune system diseases such as Hemolytic anaemia is possible
  • Cinnamon: High doses of it can be toxic

Canine parents need to be well-aware, conservative and choosy when it comes to ensuring the right homemade gravy dog food. While preparing homemade broth gravy, these particular ingredients must not be included. And while selecting pre-packaged gravy food, it must be free from preservatives or any harmful ingredients.

A canine’s diet should be kept simple and light. Any gravy which is extremely high in fats or high in sodium is not recommended. The goal should be to choose quality over quantity and most importantly, balanced nutrition.

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