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How to Draw a Unicorn Easy Step By Step

How to Draw a Unicorn Easy Step By Step

In this article, we will teach you how to draw a Unicorn in several different ways. We will start with the most accessible versions then we will gradually increase the difficulty. Kawaii designs are straightforward and easy to do. That is why they are so popular with children, because without feeling frustrated. They can draw an endless world of beautiful representations by applying various techniques and styles.

To make unicorns immortal, we will need to apply the following techniques and steps, but don’t worry. We will also provide you with a very illustrative video in case you want more graphic instruction.

With a pencil, we will make a circle to highlight the head. This size will vary depending on the dimensions we want the drawing to take.

We will continue to mark and model the head (mouth, eyes, horn …) very gently, always to have some marks and know where to mark later with the marker.

Once the head is well defined, we will proceed to the drawing of the body. Keep in mind that to be kawaii, you need to have your head and eyes highlighted. The body should be oriented in the direction of the head to be consistent. The next step is to highlight the contour lines with a black marker when we are done sketching. This marker should be thick to give it a more childish tone and that cute effect. Carry out the previous step carefully to achieve a more beautiful and detailed result, avoiding. Please take out your Unicorn pencil case, notebook, and pencils, and let’s go!

how to draw a Unicorn

1) How To Draw A Unicorn Easy?

We start with the warm-up by learning to draw a unicorn in an accessible version, step by step! Everything starts from the “dollar” sign.

In all drawings, each new path will be indicated by the color red.

1) Draw a “$” sign.

2) Draw a line from the top to make the horn. Then, draw a line in the shape of a “? To obtain the display of the head.

3) Draw a line in the shape of a “C” behind the head.

4) Draw two ovals for the eyes

5) Draw two ears in the shape of leaves

6) Draw the bangs by making a sort of “W. Also, draw a curved line for the hair.

7) Draw a “C” shape to make the hindquarters and another curved line to complete the hair.

8) Draw a line to start making the legs and a “? To stand in line.

9) Draw an “L” on the side and a line to finish the legs.

10) Draw an “S” on the side to complete the tail and two small lines to make the hooves.

11) We arrive at this result.

12) Last step: color the unicorn! You can do like in this drawing or get inspiration from other Unicorn coloring pages.

how to draw a Unicorn

2) How to Draw a Unicorn Emoji?

Emojis are small designs that are included in messages or emails to communicate an emotion. For example, the unicorn emoji we will learn to draw here in 10 steps appeared in 2015. It has since been used to represent mythical animals, fantasy, and fantastic dreams. Are you ready)? Let’s go!

1) Start by tracing the front of the unicorn’s head with a curved line (somewhat in a “U” shape tilted to the right).

2) Draw a strip on the muzzle and a minor “C” down to make the nostril. Next, draw two angled lines to outline the unicorn’s eyes. Then, draw three successively smaller circles inside the eye. We then see the pupil and a small white reflection on the pupil.

3) Draw the horn as a slightly rounded triangle. First, trace inside the lines diagonally, which will make it look like a spiral. Then, draw the ears with two curved lines that form a kind of triangle without a base. Finally, draw two smaller curved lines to make the inside of the ears.

4) Start drawing two strands of the mane. For each, draw two curved lines that meet at the end.

5) Continue to draw the mane. Draw long, curved lines that swirl before they meet at the end.

6) Draw another long-curved line to attach one more strand to the mane. It will give it more thickness.

7) Make a section in the front of the head. To do this, draw two lines that meet in a spiral above the forehead.

8) Draw two more strands at the back of the head.

9) Fill the remaining space with a few more wicks.

10) The drawing is finished; you can now color the emoji! Usually, the coat is white, but the horn and mane may vary. For example, you can make a rainbow mane and a golden horn. Or make a white horn and a pink mane. Everything is possible, so let your imagination run wild!

how to draw a Unicorn

3) How to Draw a Kawaii Unicorn?

We will finish this tutorial with the great classic: the Kawaii Unicorn, which you can, for example, find in the form of Unicorn Plush!

1) Start by tracing the head of the unicorn. You can make a U shape or be a little more specific, whichever you prefer.

2) Draw the details of the head: closed eye, muzzle, and ear. The ear should be a little off the lead.

3) Let’s start drawing the mane. Trace part of it between the head and the ear. We will do it in several features, which will make the kawaii unicorn even more magical when coloring!

4) Draw the neck and continue to draw the mane, as usual, making curved lines that meet.

5) Draw the first two legs. For the first, draw a kind of elongated “U” starting from the neck, which goes down, then which goes up under the mane. Do the same for the second leg, shifted, this time a little “twisted” to the right. Complete with small lines to make the hooves.

6) We continue with the stomach and the back. Draw a line between the paws, then a kind of “J” that joins the mane and the right foot.

7) Make the other two legs offset to the left of the first two, in precisely the same way.

8) Draw the tail: make two lines starting from the buttocks and meeting at the level of the middle of the legs approximately.

9) Finally, transform this horse into a unicorn by adding the horn: draw two lines that form a triangle from the forehead. Then add some details on the tail by drawing curved lines that start from the buttocks.

10) And now for the final touch: color the unicorn! As usual, no hard and fast rules: use your imagination. A good option is to color the tail and mane in rainbow colors and make a golden horn.

If you managed to draw all these unicorns quickly or have a good level at drawing, you could also watch How to Draw A Realistic Unicorn. Much more difficult, but the game is worth the effort! And if you want to discover a whole different style, check out our Top 30 Unicorn Pixel Art. Completely different but just as awesome!

These little unicorns are pretty and cute but won’t be able to decorate your whole house! For that, you will find in our shop full of unicorn paintings representing unicorns ranging from the most kawaii to the most realistic. You will indeed find one that you like 😉

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