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How to Draw Baby Yoda Easy | Squish mallows

How to Draw Baby Yoda Easy

Today we’re going how to draw baby Yoda easy from squish mallows. So, let’s get started to draw baby Yoda as squish mallow. Let’s first start by drawing its eyes. So, I’m going to come right here and draw a circle. I’m going to come right across and draw another circle. They’re pretty big you can make them draw some cute eyes. So, let’s put two small circles inside for highlights and a curved line at the bottom. But if you don’t want to make them draw some cute eyes.

how to draw baby yoda easy

You just put two of these highlights and then you shade in everything else black and lines at the bottom. Same thing on this side so drastic cuties for always loving my squish mellow drawings. You know how much I love squish mallows. Because they’re just so cute and simple. So, when I saw that squish malls had this star war. Star Wars pack with baby Yoda. Here I had to draw it for you. But unfortunately, I don’t have one to show you. Because I guess they’re very popular cool drawing idea.

So, we have the eyes. Let’s come in between the eyes and right in between. I’m going to draw a small little curve for the nose. Just a small little curve and then underneath this. Let’s draw a smile so I’m going to come back right here and go up. Now just make the center part slightly thicker there. So cute already right then let’s come. Let’s say the bottom of this eye right here. Just come out give it a good amount of room. You know what let’s start with the center of the eye. I think that’s a little bit easier.

Let’s come to the center of this eye. Come out let’s say about right here do the same thing on the other side. Right here just about the same amount of room. I’m going to start to draw a big curve over the eyes. Just start to draw the head. So, I’m just going to make sure my center is the tallest part. Let’s go up about right here will be my highest point and come down. If you’re more comfortable drawing the shape. This round shape for the squish mallow head first and then drawing the eyes.


You can do that as well it’s just by drawing the eyes. Because I can’t erase by drawing the eyes. First, I just have I can make sure I know where everything needs. I’m going to bring this down a little bit more just start to straighten out a tiny bit about right there. I’m going to start to draw the little collar on his little outfit. So, let’s come about right here. If you like you can wobble a little bit. Because you come down and as I come to the center. I’m going to come in and come out from here and wobble.

My way across just very slightly just to make it. Look more like that the thicker fur material. So then let’s come out right here pop it out and give it a little wobble and same thing here a little wobble. If you like if you’re not comfortable doing that just make it smooth. So, I’m going to come down once again and I’m just kind of following that curve all right there. I’m going to stop. Because I need to bring this down and connect and do the same thing right across there.

That looks like an egg right. So, I promise it’s going to come together. Let’s come down here and we’re going to draw the rest of the squish metal body. So just bring it on a curve. I’m just going to round it off towards the bottom and flatten it out and connect. So, let’s change this egg into baby Yoda and the first thing we need to do is to give him. Some wrinkles right so right here over the eye. I’m going to draw a soft curve above his eye and then right here. I’m just going to continue this curve and go up and over. It’s especially for kids and teens.

So, this is just an indication of their wrinkles. Same thing over here right over the eye. I’m going to draw a curve. The same thing just gets a slight curve and then just going to draw a center one right here. Then two more there just lightly or you can do this. When you’re coloring and just make it like the darker green instead of black. They won’t be so harsh. So then finally now the ears. So, let’s pop them up about right here. I’m going to come out about here just bring them out.

Maybe about right here just give it a little curve round off the tip and bring it right back. Let’s draw the inside so right here is going to be a lot thicker go up. Now we’re going to get thinner and then just follow your outside. Finally, right starting to look like baby Yoda. So, let’s bring this across this point. I’m drawing pretty big and just helps me figure out where to go and right here. So same thing let’s go up and post length. Once again same thing thicker over here and getting thinner and then just follow the outside.

It pretty easy right I hope and of course. In last we need to draw a line well. I mean easier than say drawing a normal baby Yoda and right here. Course I have to add a heart to make it my draw so cute baby Yoda from squish mallows. That is pretty much it. I hope I helped you draw baby Yoda here. I made it fun and easy for you to follow along with a cool drawing idea.

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