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How To Decorate a Corset at Home in the Easiest Ways

Corsets are the latest hit in the trends. Every fashion lover has invested in a corset at least once in their lifetime. Well, why won’t they? A corset is a fabulous garment. Wearing a corset has so many advantages that you can never hate a corset.

To start with, a corset gives you the perfect hourglass shape. It defines out your figure in just the perfect manner. Once, you start wearing it there is no going back. You will start loving the gorgeous body shape that it provides to you.

A corset makes it easy for you to fit in any kind of outfit and look extremely gorgeous. This is because the corset cinches up your waist minimizing it and it enhances your body from all the right parts making it perfect to be flaunted in any dress.

There are thousands of designs and patterns available out there in the market. There are different types of corset-like an overbust, underbust, hourglass, pipestem, etc. you can choose your style and pick up your favorite according to your own preferences.

However, sometimes we want to get a little creative and design that perfect corset for ourselves at home. And trust us, it is not really hard to DIY a corset at home.

So, here we will tell you some of the best DIY techniques to decorate your corsets but, let’s first take a quick look at how to make a corset at home. Well, there are many different ways in which you can make a homemade corset depending on what kind of corset you want. However, here we have given one of the easiest and very popular ways of making a basic boned corset. To know more click here

How to make a basic boned corset at home?


We will begin by giving you a list of items that you need to get in order to make a basic boned corset. The required materials are-




Any fabric of your choice for the lining of the corset( generally cotton, especially coutil is used for making a corset, but any kind of strong and nonstretchable woven cotton fabric works in corsetry)

A fabric for outer work, here we are using a raw silk cloth, you can use any cloth you like just make sure that it is not too delicate. Delicate clothes will make your bones visible when you wear the corset.

Steel boning or spiral for the corset – 20 pieces

Sewing machine

Hammer or an eyelet tool

Rotary cutter and a mat

Leather punch or a fabric punch

Step – 1

Decide on your pattern or shape!

The first step is to decide what pattern or what shape of the corset you want. Think of stuff like how much you want to cinch your waist? Do you want lingerie or a bra kind of look or do you want a top style corset?

Once you figure out your preferred shape and style, it is a great idea to create a mock-up using muslin first. In this way, you will get an idea of what the real corset would look like and you can make necessary alterations if any are required.

Step – 2

Cut it out!

The next step is to cut out your fabric. Now, all the pieces would be exactly the same so it is a good idea to cut out one piece and then use it as a mock-up and cut the rest of them.

Always assure that you are leaving a sufficient amount of sewing allowance while you cut the pieces. This is important because when you will sew them together with the bones, some of the fabric would be rolled into the sewing in order to make your corset stronger.

Firstly, cut out a set of pieces from the outer fabric, then from the fabric, you will use for lining, and then from the interfacing for your back.

Step – 3

Sew the fabric

Once you are done with cutting out the pieces, start sewing them. First, sew the outer fabric pieces together and then sew the lining ones.

After you are done sewing the pieces together, clip the seams as required at the waist and under the bust. After clipping them properly, iron them. always remember that these two steps are very important as if you don’t do these correctly it would lead to visible bumps and folds in your corset.

Step – 4

Sew everything together

So here comes the trickiest yet most fun part of making a corset at home. Get your gears tight as you are up next for a lot of sewing. To start with, sew the outer and the inner fabrics. Then sew them to the seams and then sew the upper borders. After that, you need to add or insert the boning inside the seams and then sew the bottom part. At the end sew the straps if you are making a corset with straps.

Now that we have an idea about how to make a basic corset at home, we bring to you some of the easiest anhered best ways of decorating your corset easily at home.


Source – Pinterest

We all are aware of what embroidery is and how gorgeous it looks. The stunning densely stitched motifs look extremely beautiful on a corset. From flowers to paisley, animal motifs, bird motifs, written motifs, and anything you like; you can decorate your corset with any kind of embroidery.

If you are someone who knows how to do embroidery, then you are all set to embellish your corset at home easily through your talent. However, if you don’t know how to do embroidery, you can still decorate your corset with embroidery. You will then need to invest in an embroidery machine. People these days usually use an embroidery machine to do their embroidery. All you are required to do is put in the design you want and the machine will make the design on the cloth.

If you don’t want to invest in an embroidery machine then you can also opt to stick embroidery patches on your corset which are easily available in the market.

Contrast stitching or contrast hardware

Source – Pinterest

Generally, all the corset hardware which is visible from the outside is used in silver color. However, in order to make your corset unique and artistic, you can surely experiment with the color of the visible hardware. Grommets, busks, etc are also available in other colors except for silver such as black, golden, etc. use such different colors for your homemade corset and it is not only going to look gorgeous but it would also show off how creative you are.


Source – Pinterest

Many of you might not be familiar with this word. Well, flossing generally is referred to the soft thread made from silk or cotton that is used for doing embroidery.

So, we can say that flossing is a type of embroidery only. The only difference is that in flossing the motifs or the designs are comparatively very small and minimal as compared to embroidery. Flossing is generally done only around the seams or at the borders.

Belt or a yoke

Source – Pinterest

We all know that how much in trend are belts these days. Ladies are slaying in looks that use belts over shirts, t-shirts, dresses, and everything else. So, why stop there? Use a belt over your corsets as well.

A yoke is also a belt that is usually worn or adorned over the waistline area of a corset. It looks stunning. It enhances your overall look and also adds up to your body shape.

Make it shinier!

Source – Pinterest

Some people use beads, stones, crystals, etc to embellish their corsets and trust us it looks the best. The beads or the stones add more charm to your corset. Moreover, it is very easy to embellish through such stuff.

The beads or crystals or stones generally come with holes in them that you can use to sew them. In case you are not a fan of sewing, you can also opt to paste these embellishments using some kind of cloth adhesive. Also, just like embroidery, there are readymade patches available in the market with beaded or stoned embellishments on them. You can choose to use these readymade patches as well.

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